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What were the V'1s?

Pilotless flying bombs nicknamed Doodlebugs. Guided Missiles used by the Germans to attack London in 1944. Their effect was devastating, but they were interceptable, flipping (MORE)
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What is v-day?

I was also curios about this, so I looked it up. If my research is correct, V-Day means Valentine's Day. :-]
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What is v-model?

A V-model is a method of describing theÊprocess of softwaredevelopment. In it, process steps are arranged in a V pattern,wherein product design is on one end, implementatio (MORE)
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What is a V-1?

A rocket propelled winged UAV (a winged flying bomb); (UAV-Unmanned Aerial Vehicle).
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What was the Saturn-V?

It was a rocket used by NASA's Apollo and Skylab programs between 1967 and 1973. It was the rocket used for the first manned moonlanding in 1969. It was allmost 111 meters (36 (MORE)
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What is a V-belt?

Its a belt used to transfer motion, where the cross sectional shape looks like a `V`.
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What is combat 'v'?

A brass "V" about the size of this actual letter which is pinned on the cloth portion of the medal or the ribbon. The "V" stands for Valor.
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What was a V-2?

a type of long ranged missile made by the Germans in WWII or it is a type of air soft system. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (MORE)
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Who was V-Mob?

V-Mob was a small Rapcore/Nu-Metal band from Cincinnati Ohio. They released a demo in 1999 titled Rough Cut with the songs Highway, Hurt Me, Rippin Scabs, & Why. A 2000 demo w (MORE)
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Why pronounce 'v' as 'and'?

Can you supply an example of this? The only use of 'v' I can think of (in English) is where it stands for 'versus'. For example 'The football match was Manchester v Liverpool' (MORE)
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What is a v-up?

its an excersice - lay flat on the floor, hold arms straight above your chest, fingers pointing upwards. Fold your body upwards by lifting your legs off the floor and stretchi (MORE)
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What is a V-code?

V codes identify conditions other than a disease or injury and are also used to report significant factors that may influence present or future care.
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What is V-Motion?

The word you are asking about is a commercial software application which works on virtual computers. Apparently it is used to run video on some computers
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Who is V-Slash?

A southern rapper. He has been featured on several mixtapes & albums by juicy j of three six mafia. Not a lot known about him...
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What is V-fibrillation?

Ventricular fibrillation is a rapid, irregular and uncoordinated contraction of the cardiac muscles.
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What is V-E?

Victory in Europe day, aka VE day. When world war 2 was won, 8th May 1945. The surrender of the German reich to the allies.
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What is v-logix?

V-Logix is a Training institute . V-logix provide industrial/professional courses to technical students of M.C.A. M.Sc IT/CS and other.
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What were the V-1 and V-2?

German rockets directed at Southern England during World War 2.