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When is nic-vac going to be available?

There is no word on when nic-vac might be available in the UnitedStates. It is currently available in a few other countries but itnot ever be approved to be legal in the Unite (MORE)
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Ray-vac goes in cirles?

The Ray-O-Vac trademark as you say goes in circles. this suggests the idea of an electric circuit, for one and a cascade of circles is a time-honored science fiction device fo (MORE)
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Did Ray-O-Vac make vacuum tubes at one time as the title suggests?

I have a Ray-O-Vac RY22 tube. So yes, a company sold tubes under the Ray-O-Vac name. I don't know if this is the same company that makes batteries or who actually made the tub (MORE)
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Does the pos-t-vac work?

The testimonials on the PosTvac official site are of coursepositive, but we wanted to see what other guys were saying aboutit. There is alot of chatter on numerous forums talk (MORE)
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Are there different sizes of shop vacs?

Yes! Shop Vac produces many models of vacs in different sizes. The smallest are portable units with a tank size of 1 gallon. The largest are in the industrial series with a ta (MORE)
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Where can you purchase Hoover hand vacs?

Hoover hand vacs can be purchased from Amazon fairly cheaply. Walmart and Best Buy also have Hover hand vacs available. Second hand items can be purchased from eBay, but there (MORE)
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What does the acronym VACS mean?

In order to answer your question accurately, you must identify the context in which "VACS" is used. Among other meanings, it could refer to vacuum cleaners, to the Virginia As (MORE)
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Where can one purchase food vacs from?

Food savers, also known as vacuum sealers, are available from a number of websites. Sites like Sears, eBay, and Amazon are good sites to start with. Amazon will even show you (MORE)
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What does it mean by central vacs?

A central vacuum cleaner is a type of vacuum that is installed into a building. It uses tubing inside the walls to move dirt and debris to a remote utility space.
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What is the stator resistance per phase of 0.25 hp 3 phase TEFC motor where supply is at 50 Hz and 415 VAC?

The resistance is decided by the designer. In principle the statorcould have zero resistance. The actual resistance depends on howefficient the motor is required to be. Effici (MORE)
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What is the stator resistance per phase in ohms for a 3 phase 0.25 hp TEFC motor where the supply is 415 VAC and 50 Hz?

In principle the stator could have zero resistance, so theresistance can not be calculated from the information given in thequestion. The actual resistance depends on how ef (MORE)