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What is the vac pump on a Nissan 300ZX?

Answer . Because of differences in the vacuum characteristics of a turbo and non-turbo 300ZX the turbo models (Z31 seriers anyway) have a vacuum pump added under the front bu ( Full Answer )
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When is nic-vac going to be available?

There is no word on when nic-vac might be available in the UnitedStates. It is currently available in a few other countries but itnot ever be approved to be legal in the Unite ( Full Answer )
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What would 120 VAC mean?

120 VAC means 120 V olts A lternative C urrent.. You may also find VDC which mean Volts Direct Current
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How do you spell vac?

The slang term "vac" normally means "vacuum" as in vacuum cleaner. The acronym VAC may mean "volts AC." In literary use, VAC means single vowel and consonant in an accen ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between 370 vac and 440 vac capacitors?

The difference is that the 440 vac capacitor has a 70 volt-amp-current higher output than the 370. Capacitors must always be replaced with the same size micro-farads or you'll ( Full Answer )
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Can you get 220 vac 50hz from 380 vac 50hz?

I know that a company named TEMco makes a 380v to 120/208 transformer. You can try contacting them for your specific application I will attach their website for you.
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How do we get 240 VAC from 120 VAC?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz supply service. . To get 240 VAC from 120 VAC, you need a step-up transformer.. . The first answer shown above is not ( Full Answer )
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What is hydro vac?

Hydro Vac trucks use high pressure water to cut the soil and vacuum to remove the spoil. It contains the spoil until its full and and then can dump the slurry at a designated ( Full Answer )
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What is 104 vac and 127 vac?

104VAC is the highest voltage less than 115VAC minus 10%, which is 104.5VAC. 127VAC is the lowest voltage greater than 115VAC plus 10%, which is 126.5VAC. Plus or minus 10% is ( Full Answer )
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How do you convert 24 vac to 5 vac?

You can convert 24 vac to 5 vac with a transformer with windings in the turns ratio of 24 to 5.
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What is a vac leak?

This could be short for a vacuum leak in, say, a vehicle's fuel/air mixture inlet system or in the braking system of a train or a truck that uses vacuum-operated brakes.
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What is the difference between 440 vac and 480 vac?

40 volts!That's just the nominal voltage. Things run fine anywhere in that range. The power company promises to deliver in that range. Like 110 volts A.C. or 120vac. Any lower ( Full Answer )
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Does the pos-t-vac work?

The testimonials on the PosTvac official site are of coursepositive, but we wanted to see what other guys were saying aboutit. There is alot of chatter on numerous forums talk ( Full Answer )
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What is a 210 vac plug in?

This a electrical plug that is designed to be used with 210 volts of alternating current(The power in your house). Most of the time you will not be able to find a 210 vac outl ( Full Answer )
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What instrument can be used to measure vac?

I am kind of an old salt. In my day we used the real thing...a mercury "U" tube manometer. It measures inches of water or microns (1 1000 of a meter). In other practical needs ( Full Answer )
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How do you get 480 vac?

1. With a transformer 2. With a specialized power drop from the power company. 3. Across two hot phases in a 240v two or three phase power drop in Europe, etc (not sure ab ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with vac?

Words that rhyme with vac: . Aback . Attack . Back . Black . Clack . Crack . Flack . Hack . Jack . Knack . Lack . Mack . Pack . Plaque . Quack . ( Full Answer )
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What does 277 vac mean?

That's 277 volts of alternating current. This is typically one phase of a 480v 3 phase system. Don't worry that 3 x 277 adds up to more than 480v. A 277v line is typically o ( Full Answer )
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Does anyone eat shake and vac?

No, shake 'n' vac is not designed to be ingested and may be harmful if it is ingested.
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What damage can be caused with 146 vac on a 120 vac household?

If you find a voltage this high on a 120 volt circuit notify your utility company. If you are using a voltage tester of your own, make sure that it is on the proper scale and ( Full Answer )
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Will a 480 vac motor run on 440 vac?

I've checked voltage on a running motor and seen it's 440 while thesupplying panel said 480VAC.
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Can you use a shop vac for drywall?

Yes, but be careful not to overuse it. Most shop vac filters are fibrous and get clogged with fine drywall dust. I always change filers after vacuuming drywall.
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How does a shop vac actually work?

"A shop vac is still a vacuum cleaner. Those contraptions work be creating a negative pressure that sucks in unwanted particles, like dirt, into a holding container that filte ( Full Answer )
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Can you plug a 120 VAC to 240 VAC outlet?

Absolutely NOT. The 240 outlet pin configuration would be differentfrom the 120 volt pin configuration. They would physically not fitinto each other.
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How do central vac systems work?

They work by sucking up dirt and debri, usually from the home and transported to elsewhere, for example a garage, through tubing in the wall cavity's. It is run by connecting ( Full Answer )
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Which companies produce a hand vac?

There are a few companies that produce a hand vac. One of the most well known is Dirt Devil and they are particularly good for cars. One can also get them from Black & Decker ( Full Answer )
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Can playing Minecraft get you VAC ban?

No, because Minecraft is not a Steam game, so it is not using VAC. This game was developed by Markus Persson (Notch) and now is owned by Jeb. Steam has no right to give you ( Full Answer )
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Where can one purchase food vacs from?

Food savers, also known as vacuum sealers, are available from a number of websites. Sites like Sears, eBay, and Amazon are good sites to start with. Amazon will even show you ( Full Answer )
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Where can one purchase a Pet Vac?

There several different options in order to buy a Pet Vac. One option would be for example to check with a local dealer on the different makes and models. Another possibility ( Full Answer )
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How does Wound Vac Therapy work?

Wound Vac Therapy is a technique that allows doctors to speed up the recovery of deep wounds. V.A.C stands for vacuum assisted closure and it works by providing negative press ( Full Answer )
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What is the number for wax vac?

You don't need to call them to order one anymore. Go to your local CVS or Walmart and go to their "as seen on TV" section. It'll be there.(they're not as good as they seem and ( Full Answer )
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Where can one purchase a Stick VAC?

One could find a stick vacuum cleaner at most major general retail stores. Depending on the make and model one could also very likely order directly from the manufacturer.