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Do you have any vacancy?

There are many hotels in the world that have vacancy. This meansthat there is a place for you to stay.
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What is a vacancy?

A vacancy is a term used the describe something that is empty. It is often associated with real estate, houses and hotels.
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How many vacancies are the senate?

In 2008 there are 35 seats open for election. Two seats are regular six year rotations and two are special elections.
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Do you have any employment vacancies in Orania?

I am 66 years of age with a vast experience of hotel, game lodge, and building maintenance, i would like to know if there might be work for me in Orania, i am not married of s ( Full Answer )
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What is a 'vacancy' on the US Supreme Court?

A "vacancy" on the Supreme Court means one or more of the nine US Supreme Court justices has left office permanently (usually through death, retirement or resignation), and th ( Full Answer )
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Why do vacancies occur?

Job vacancies occur when employees: . go on maternity/paternity leave . get promoted . change jobs . retire . are fired
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What is the Vacancy Diffusion?

In solids one could find place where the atom should be, but missing. Such places are called vacancies. With increasing of temperature neighbor atom could jump on the vacancy, ( Full Answer )
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How do job vacancies occur?

a person leaves for another job . maternity leave . retirement . changing jobs . promotion paternity leave
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What are vacancies?

Unoccupied positions or jobs;. Available spaces in rental accommodation or comecial space etc In crystallography vacancys is are a type of point defect in a crystal.
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Who fills vacancies in the house or senate?

House is filled by special elections. Senate is filled by someone being appointed (generally by the governor of the area.)
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How do you find the job vacancies?

There are several ways you can do this including:. Looking in magazines/job centres/newspapers/online (
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What if there is a vacancy in the Senate?

If there is a vacancy in the Senate the Governor will appoint a temporary senator until the next election.
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How did you hear of this vacancy?

I walked into a Store In Our Area, I had already Seen the First Movie, I saw this Movie in a Store In Our Area In Eustis Florida Off OF 44A, This Little StoreSells Movies ther ( Full Answer )
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Why do vacancies exist?

By O.Toure There many reasons why vacancies exist. The type of vacancy will determine its purpose of existence. Vacancies for a permanent position could be because of staff re ( Full Answer )
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How does an insurance company define vacancy?

Most often by being unoccupied for 30 days. But you should refer to your Homeowners Insurance policy as this may very by company and or by state.
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What is a Vacancy homeowners insurance clause?

if your house is vacant or unoccupied during the period specified in your policy, certain coverages may be suspended such as: vandalism, glass breakage, freezing of pipes (whe ( Full Answer )
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What is vacancy announcement?

Generally this is a public notice given when a job has become available, inviting the recipients of the notice to apply for the job if they are interested.
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What are the lyrics for heart vacancy by the wanted?

I Hear Your Heart Cry For Love But You Won't Let Me Make It Right You Were Hurt But I Decide If That You Were Worth The Fight Every Night You Lock Up And You Won't Let Me ( Full Answer )
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What is the verb form of vacancy?

Vacate Sentence Example The employees and customers had to vacate the building due to a gas leak.
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Should you write bonnes vacances or bon vacances?

It depends on the context. If you just wish to use the expression "Have a good vacation!" you would say "Bon vacances" in French. If you want to describe a vacation as havi ( Full Answer )
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Why have you applied for the vacancy?

Only you can answer this question ! The employer wants to know your reasons for applying - we cannot answer that for you !
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What does it mean when a hotel has a vacancy?

A hotel being vacant means that there is an empty or unoccupied room at the moment. It also means that the hotel has not reached the maximum capacity and you can inquire about ( Full Answer )
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What does vacancy mean?

Vacancy means that there is an opening... so a sign on a buildingmight mean there is an apartment for rent, at a hotel that theyhave rooms available, and in your mouth might m ( Full Answer )
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What is the adverb for vacancy?

There is no direct adverb for the noun vacancy (state of beingempty or unoccupied). While the related adjective vacant has theadverb form vacantly , the adverb has a differen ( Full Answer )
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Where are vacancies for site engineer jobs?

To find current vacancies for site engineer positions in your area, one good place to look would be your local job center. These typically have not only a comprehensive list o ( Full Answer )
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Where can you find out about a sales vacancy?

One can find out about a sales vacancy at Career Builder. The have a comprehensive list of jobs in sales and marketing. Monster is also a good place to visit to find a vacant ( Full Answer )
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What are Government Vacancies?

Government vacancies are when jobs open up in government positions or new jobs are created when something like a new project is formed. One can find government vacancies throu ( Full Answer )
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Where can one find sky vacancies?

One can find Sky vacancies through a variety of career building websites such as Career Builder and Monster. One can also contact Sky directly via telephone or through their w ( Full Answer )
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How can one define no vacancy?

The best way to define no vacancy is no available rooms for rent or purchase. It is most often used by hotels and to explain them having all of their rooms booked.
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Why is there a senate vacancy?

The Senate Employment Bulletin is published as a service to Senateoffices choosing to advertise staff vacancies.
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What does it mean to bend your eye on vacancy?

In Hamlet, when Gertrude mentions that Hamlet is bending his eye onvacancy, she means that he is staring at things that aren't there. The lines from the play are as follows: ( Full Answer )