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What are poa dues on vacant land?

PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION is usually the governing body in any housing development. It charges property owners for the maintenance on your property as well as common propert (MORE)
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What is meaning vacant?

Vacant means empty in relation to occupancy. Means a person is not inside as in vacant building. The same meaning is for phrase vacant stare. It means that the person is n (MORE)
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A sentence for vacant?

We parked our car in a vacant lot during the Saturday parade.
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How do you make a sentence with remarkable and vacant?

It seemed remarkable that such an amazing house had stayed vacant for so long, until they found out that there had been a murder-suicide inside it, and it was rumored to b (MORE)
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What is the sentence for a vacant dwelling?

The squatter was living in a vacant dweling. Hello, I'm searching for a vacant dwelling. Is that vacant dwelling condemned?
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How can you use vacant in a sentence?

She couldn't erase the vacant look on her face. The hotel had three vacant rooms. Vacant homes were spotted in various places in the neighborhood.
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What is the suffix for vacant?

Two suffixes for vacant are - ly to make the word vacantly - cy to make the word vacancy
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What is the noun for vacant?

The noun form of the adjective 'vacant' is vacantness . A related noun form is vacancy.
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What is a vacant lot?

It's a small piece of property with nothing on it.
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Is vacant an adverb?

No, it is not. Vacant is an adjective that usually means empty(unoccupied).