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How do you find out who the lenders are on a vacant home?

This should be public record, found at the courthouse. First you would need to find the owners. That information is available through your local Tax Appraisal District, which ( Full Answer )
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Insurance on vacant land?

Coverage for truly vacant land is automatically extended from most homeowners policies at no additional cost. The catch is that vacant land is considered land free from any ma ( Full Answer )
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Is there a vacant job for motorcycle mechanic?

Answer . The motorcycle industry has experienced tremendous growth for 15 years. There is a high demand for qualified technicians and salaries have risen rapidlly. There ar ( Full Answer )
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What are poa dues on vacant land?

PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION is usually the governing body in any housing development. It charges property owners for the maintenance on your property as well as common propert ( Full Answer )
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What is meaning vacant?

Vacant means empty in relation to occupancy. Means a person is not inside as in vacant building. The same meaning is for phrase vacant stare. It means that the person is n ( Full Answer )
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Use vacant in a sentence?

That house is vacant for 3 years now, it must be haunted since no one is renting or buying it.
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Sales commission on vacant land?

In my experience, it is 4% to 10% in a suburban area. It depends on how hard it is to sell. Vacant land in Manhattan may not need to pay any commission -- let the buyer pay it ( Full Answer )
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Do i have to have insurance on a vacant home?

It all depends on whether you still owe money on the home. Mostlenders will require you carry hazard insurance until you pay offthe loan. If you own the home free and clear t ( Full Answer )
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What is the abstract noun of vacant?

The abstract noun for the adjective vacant is vacantness. Another abstract noun form is vacancy.
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Sentence using the word vacant?

\nWe were able to get a room at the hotel because someone checked out leaving a vacancy.\nThe parking lot had plenty of vacant spaces.\nAir-heads have a vacancy where the brai ( Full Answer )
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A sentence for the word vacant?

She had a vacant expression on her face. The parking lot is vacant. Since the mayor retired, the position has been vacant.
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How can you make money on vacant land?

You can grow things on it. You can rent it out as parking or storage areas. You can use it for local sales (farmer's markets, swap meets etc.). Mostly depends on location and ( Full Answer )
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Do you have to insurance on vacant land in Chicago?

It honestly depends why you want to have insurance on the vacant lot. Is it because you want to start a business on the land or make a garden or have parties or even make the ( Full Answer )
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Can you use the address of your vacant lot?

For what purpose? If you want to use it for car insurance because it's in a better area, then no. You will be caught and prosecuted for fraud.
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Why do vacant lots become junkyards?

Nobody cares about vacant lots . Nobody pays attention to it . It is vacant . Another place to throw trash . They are empty
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A sentence using the word vacant?

The seat was vacant, so I sat down. There is a vacant lot across the street from my house.
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How do you make a sentence with remarkable and vacant?

It seemed remarkable that such an amazing house had stayed vacant for so long, until they found out that there had been a murder-suicide inside it, and it was rumored to b ( Full Answer )
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What is the sentence for a vacant dwelling?

The squatter was living in a vacant dweling. Hello, I'm searching for a vacant dwelling. Is that vacant dwelling condemned?
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How can you use vacant in a sentence?

She couldn't erase the vacant look on her face. The hotel had three vacant rooms. Vacant homes were spotted in various places in the neighborhood.
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How many vacant seats in the Senate?

At the moment, there are none, and if there ever is a vacant seat that means that there is a vote going on. You can only stay a Senator for a certain period of time, then you ( Full Answer )
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What is vacant d orbital?

vacant d orbital means an empty d orbital. For example, in nitrogen a d orbital is not allowed whereas in phosphorus a vacant d orbital is present.
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Where can you buy a vacant church Cheap?

Morris Chapel TN go to craigslist look under Jackson TN click on real estate you will find a nice church there forsale cheap they just reduced the price again an offer would p ( Full Answer )
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What is the suffix for vacant?

Two suffixes for vacant are - ly to make the word vacantly - cy to make the word vacancy
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What is a vacant lot in Mafia Wars?

Well, in the case of mafia wars, a vacant lot can mean a lot of things but the most used thing that a vacant lot is, is this. A lot that is not being used that you can buy so ( Full Answer )
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Do you need insurance on vacant land?

It is not so much a question of whether you need insurance on vacant land, as it is whether or not an insurance company will insurer vacant land. Most property and casualty co ( Full Answer )
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What is the noun for vacant?

The noun form of the adjective 'vacant' is vacantness . A related noun form is vacancy.
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Is the premium dearer if house is vacant?

You will need a different type of policy for a vacant home and yes the price is higher but it has come down a lot in the past few years because there is more need for vacant d ( Full Answer )
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How could you use vacant in a sentence?

Vacant means Empty, therefore, a sentence you could use is: "The parking-lot is completely vacant."
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How do you maintain vacant Muslim homes?

A Muslim home must be protected in specific ways if it is going to be vacant for a while. One way is to board up all of the windows so it does not get broken into or it does n ( Full Answer )
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How do you find who owns a vacant house?

The easiest way to start is to visit the local tax assessor's office and look up the address. You should find the name of the last owner of record and possibly a deed referenc ( Full Answer )
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Why are these flags on vacant homes?

I'm looking to find out what these red flag;s with white stripesmean when nailed to a vacant home