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What are vacation ideas?

You could go to another state. Or, you could go to a different country. Just make sure you learn the essentials for the language spoken there, you are familiar with the geogra ( Full Answer )
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What does vacated mean?

It means that there's no one there at the moment. Can someone be sued twice for the same judgment?
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Do you get a vacation if you are a surgeon?

Yeah surgeons do get vacation. Some more than others though.. If you're say, a colorectal surgeon in private practice you probably will have some pretty good vacation time.. ( Full Answer )
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What is a motion to vacate?

Answer \n. \nA motion filed with the court seeking to set aside a previously rendered decision or judgment entry. It seeks to undo something that was already ruled on in a c ( Full Answer )
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Do judges get vacations?

Judges do get vacations. In fact, some judges in the Federal system only sit for a specific number of months during the year. When they aren't actively hearing cases they are ( Full Answer )
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What is a vacation?

ANSWER: Sweetie your question is not about cheating. but if you must know, vacation is where people, family spent time together away from home, without working on regular ho ( Full Answer )
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What do you bring on a vacation?

You should take clothes, shoes/socks, toothbrushes, toothpaste, brush, and all bathroom necessities. Also, if you are going on a trip that will take more than at least 2 hours ( Full Answer )
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What is to vacate?

Vacate means to leave. An example of vacate would be that when alease on an apartment is up, you can either choose to renew yourlease or vacate the premises.
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Where to vacation in March?

I recommend that you to visit Vietnam! There are plenty ofattractions and sight-seeing places are there in Vietnam. If you'replanning to spend your vacation in Vietnam, contac ( Full Answer )
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What can you do with your hamster when you are on vacation?

Some pet hotels take in hamsters - it is worth ringing round to see which ones do, and they should let you visit without an appointment so you can take a look around. You can ( Full Answer )
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What do you want to do in your vacations and why?

I want to go to the beautiful Caribbean and enjoy the amazing beaches of Punta Cana. I have seen that there are many offers such as the ones of the Ven y Viaja site with all i ( Full Answer )
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How do you vacation in Cuba?

For starters, I hear they have some nice beaches... Whatever options you may encounter, stay away from timeshares. This option might drain you financially in the long run. In ( Full Answer )
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Where can i vacation with my dogs?

The Rainbow Inn allows dogs. There are many vacation resorts today that allow to bring pets like dogs while others strictly forbid this. You can check these resorts on the ( Full Answer )
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Where to go on vacation?

Vacations to go at a place where you can let you body andmind set free and just keep yourself away from the other world,will make you experience many better feelings that wil ( Full Answer )
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Where is the best vacation?

Go to either Anguilla or any Club Med Well, it depends on the holidaymaker. Every vacation spot has its own unique qualities that it can offer to any vacationer. But regar ( Full Answer )
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Are vacations good for you?

YES. Absolutely, yes. This is a perfect time to relax especially after a year's hard work.
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What do you do on vacations?

I usually go skiing and snowboarding. I always make a plan ahead oftime about the trip and do all the reservation before going to theplace.
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Why vacation in Missouri?

Kansas City - Crown Center - Where it includes shopping, nice fancy restaruants, ice skating center, and more. Sprint Center - Where famous artist comes for concerts. Powe ( Full Answer )
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Is vacation a verb?

It is most commonly a noun. However, it can also be used as a verb, e.g. 'to vacation in the United States'.
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What do people do on vacations?

anything It depends. There are many things to do during vacations but it depends on what season also like summer vacation, Christmas vacation, etc.
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How is Belize for a vacation?

Well i have been there and its VERY dangerous but part of it is pretty. You can go to bacab and ride horses and hear a big cat roar on an island while riding horses.Bacab is k ( Full Answer )
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Is vacation a pronoun?

No, the word 'vacation' is a noun , a word for a period spentaway from home, school, or business; a word for a thing. A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun in a ( Full Answer )
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Do you earn vacation time on vacation?

Yes and went to this beautiful golf vacation place that is known for its natural beauty, unspoiled beaches and world-class fishing, Stuart/Port St. Lucie is located in the hea ( Full Answer )
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When do you get a vacation?

In this era life become fast and busy. As per my view vacation isgreat way to get relaxtion. There are many travel destination inthe whole world. But I like brazil to spend my ( Full Answer )
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Who invented vacation?

1) You are an absolute idiot 2) It was never "invented" it was there since the first man worked they had a day of to celebrate something and so becoming tradition
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What is an lifetime vacation?

A holiday for the rest of your life; so if you retired from teaching, you could go on a lifetime vacation and buy a house on a beach and sunbathe and chill for the rest of y ( Full Answer )
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What is a vacation package?

A vacation package is any combination of hotel or lodging, car rental , air fare, golf or other activities and sometime even meals. Generally these are sold by a resort or tra ( Full Answer )
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What about you have a vacation?

yes. I like spending vacation a lot my favorite vacation spot isOrange beach , Alabama its awesome spot to spend vacation with lotsof fun and enjoyment do. luxury Orange beach ( Full Answer )
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What kind of vacations are apple vacations?

Apple vacations are all inclusive vacations that are offered to places all around the world. They include The flight, Hotel, All inclusive meals and rental cars.
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Is vacationing a noun?

Yes, the word vacationing is the present participle of the verb to vacation. The present participle of the verb is called a gerund , a verbal noun. A gerund functions in a ( Full Answer )
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What can you do in your vacations?

There are various kinds of things to do lot of fun and adventure. It depend upon the place you are visiting . You can visit variousplaces go for shopping, restaurants and do v ( Full Answer )
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Is vacation an adjective?

No, it is a noun. A vacation is a time off from work or school, or the leisure activities done in that time.
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What is noun of vacate?

The noun form of the verb to vacate is the gerund, vacating . Related noun forms are vacation and vacancy.
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What is a vacation rentals?

A vacation rental is nothing but a short term or long term homethat is managed by property owners and given to you on temporarybasis. It is the best alternative to take hotels ( Full Answer )