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Do police get vacations?

Different police do different jobs at different times, so police doget vacation at times.
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What does vacated mean?

It means that there's no one there at the moment. Can someone be sued twice for the same judgment?
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What is a motion to vacate?

Answer \n. \nA motion filed with the court seeking to set aside a previously rendered decision or judgment entry. It seeks to undo something that was already ruled on in a c (MORE)
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Do judges get vacations?

Judges do get vacations. In fact, some judges in the Federal system only sit for a specific number of months during the year. When they aren't actively hearing cases they are (MORE)
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Do nurses get vacations?

This depends on the facility they work at. Most do, but it may bevery little.
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Do lawyers get vacations?

A lawyer is not legally obligated to work unless ordered to by a court (public defender etc) However he/she would not be very productive unless they represented clients at t (MORE)
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Do vets get vacations?

Yes, veterinarain's do get vacations, it is about three weeks a year!
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What is to vacate?

Vacate means to leave. An example of vacate would be that when alease on an apartment is up, you can either choose to renew yourlease or vacate the premises.
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What do you want to do in your vacations and why?

I want to go to the beautiful Caribbean and enjoy the amazing beaches of Punta Cana. I have seen that there are many offers such as the ones of the Ven y Viaja site with all i (MORE)
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Are vacations good for you?

YES. Absolutely, yes. This is a perfect time to relax especially after a year's hard work.
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What do you do on vacations?

I usually go skiing and snowboarding. I always make a plan ahead oftime about the trip and do all the reservation before going to theplace.
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What do people do on vacations?

anything It depends. There are many things to do during vacations but it depends on what season also like summer vacation, Christmas vacation, etc.
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Where are there cheap vacations?

It is not always possible to jet off half way around the world whenyou and your significant other are wishing to go off on a privateand romantic getaway. The great news is tha (MORE)
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What kind of vacations are apple vacations?

Apple vacations are all inclusive vacations that are offered to places all around the world. They include The flight, Hotel, All inclusive meals and rental cars.
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Is vacationing a noun?

Yes, the word vacationing is the present participle of the verb to vacation. The present participle of the verb is called a gerund , a verbal noun. A gerund functions in a (MORE)
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What is the suffix for vacate?

The suffix of vacate is -ate. This suffix means the state or function of.
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What can you do in your vacations?

There are various kinds of things to do lot of fun and adventure. It depend upon the place you are visiting . You can visit variousplaces go for shopping, restaurants and do v (MORE)
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What is noun of vacate?

The noun form of the verb to vacate is the gerund, vacating . Related noun forms are vacation and vacancy.