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Why was Tennessee called the vol state?

TN was called the volunteer (VOL) state because during the Alamo TN had the most volunteers from the country to fight during the Alamo.
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What are vol and ops in diving?

Vols are Voluntary dives, if you are a senior then you must do a front dive, back dive, and an inward dive. If you are an Intermediate that you must do a front, back and inwar ( Full Answer )
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What is princess diaries vol 4 about?

its called "princess in waiting" and it begins in genovia, its basically about how mia and Michael first get along and mia spends a lot of time trying to figure out how to fin ( Full Answer )
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What is vol-au-vonts?

A vol-au-vent ( translates from the French as "blown by the wind") is a small, round canapé made of puff pastry. It may be filled with sweet or spicy filling and is served as ( Full Answer )
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Who was on the jackass vol 3 soundtrack?

. Song Name. 1. Squeak E. Clean -Corona (Jackass Opera Mix). 2. Twisted Sister -The Kids Are Back. 3. Karen O. -If You're Gonna Be Dumb, You Gotta Be Tough. 4. Weezer ( Full Answer )
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Words that have the letters vol in them?

benevolent- showing good will and kindnes. violition- the act of making a choice or decision. voluntary- resulting from your own free will. hope this helps.. ps. the root ( Full Answer )
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What is a vol?

A Vol.. is simply short for volume. This is "generally" referred to volume, e.g. vol 1, is almost always short for volume 1, but depending on the context of the referring pass ( Full Answer )
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Who are the head coaches of the Tennessee vols?

Butch Jones is the head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers footballteam. Rick Barnes is the head coach for the Tennessee men'sbasketball team. Holly Warlick is the head coach f ( Full Answer )
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What does the French word 'vol' mean?

The word 'vol' is a noun that's in the singular, and of masculine gender. One meaning is flight . Another meaning is robbery .
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Will they have a chowder vol 3 DVD?

They already have out Vol. 1 & 2. It entirely depends on the sale of the series. I saw Chowder Vol. 1 DVD on sale at the store (Tom Thumb) recently for $8.95 whereas Chitty Ch ( Full Answer )
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Is there a rodent named vols?

A vole is a small rodent resembling a mouse but with a stouter body, a shorter hairy tail, a slightly rounder head, and smaller ears and eyes. There are approximately 70 spe ( Full Answer )
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Who are the Tennessee vols rivals?

The Volunteers rivals are: . Florida . Kentucky . Vanderbilt . Alabama (In football, this game is called "The Third Saturday in October")
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Can you make 20 vol peroxide from 30 vol and 10 vol?

You can easily make 20 vol from 30 by mixing it with 33.3% distilled water, but I wouldn't try making 20 vols from 10 unless you have a laboratory and the correct equipment to ( Full Answer )
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When is bleach vol 45 coming?

So far there are only 30 volumns of the manga in English. the 31st comes out June 1st. as far as the 45th I don't think there are enough chapters to fill the tankobon.
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Where can you buy Naruto vol 7?

I bought mine at books-a-million, but other than e-bay or amazon I'm not sure where else you can buy them. Hope that helps :)
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Who is in the cover of bleach vol 30?

That guy is Shiba Kaien, deceased 13th Division vice captain and also someone that Rukia has a crush on/looked up to before...
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When will OHSHC vol 14 come out?

Viz Media , the publisher , has a release date of Jul. 6, 2010 for " Ouran High School Host Club, Vol. 14" .
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Where can you buy Naruto vol 1?

If you mean the manga, then you could find it at a general bookstore, like Borders, Barnes & Noble, Waldenbooks, etc. You would probably have higher chances with an online sto ( Full Answer )
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What is imp vol in option trading?

Implied volatility is the expected volatility of the underlying stock. The higher the implied volatility, the more the underlying stock is expected to move and thus the more e ( Full Answer )
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Will there be a dragon eye vol 9?

Yes because on the japansese manga it shwos a preview of it but no one knows when it'll be released
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What does the Vol number represent in comics?

On occasion, comic book companies will end a comic and than restart it again. To differentiate between the new and old comic numbering (because now there will be two #1's, two ( Full Answer )
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What does vol on alcohol bottles stand for?

The VOL (ume) can mean either two things. 1. If it's a percentage i.e 12% it means that the actual alcohol content out of 100% is 12 etc. The extra stuff will be, water, y ( Full Answer )
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What is a word with vol that means to wish?

Volunteer, because you are wishing to help someone willingly without selfishness. Malevolent also can word because you are wishing evil intentions upon another. One more examp ( Full Answer )
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Can you make 10 vol peroxide from 20 vol?

you make equal parts if your using a 4 ounce formula with a 2oz color bottle you would use 1oz of 20 volume developer then 1oz water then 2ounces of color
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What does the latin root vol mean?

The Latin root vol means will. Examples of words include: . Volunteer - someone who willingly gives their time to a cause . Voluntary - done of one's free will . Benovole ( Full Answer )
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What does easy vol catagorize?

Easy vol categorizes different volumes at which the human hearing system is able to recognize. Different decibel ranges have various effects on human hearing, and can even be ( Full Answer )

What is vol command and label command?

The label command lets you set or change the 11-character label of a drive. The vol command only displays it, along with its serial number.
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How do you 20 vol with 40vol perxcide?

If you mix equal parts of 20 vol and 40 vol, you will have 30 vol, which is slightly stronger than 20 vol and slightly weaker than 40 vol. 40 vol should never be applied witho ( Full Answer )
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What Tennessee sport is the Vols referring to?

'The Vols' is a popular nickname for the Tennessee Volunteers and Lady Volunteers. The Vols are the National Collegiate Athletic Association college sports teams at the Univer ( Full Answer )
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What are words starting with vol?

Some words that start with vol are; Voluntarism, Voluntarist, Volunteered, Volatilised, Volatilises, Volatilized, Volatilizes, Volcanicity, Volcanizing, Volcanology, Volkslied ( Full Answer )
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When did Frank De Vol die?

Frank De Vol died on October 27, 1999, in Lafayette, California, USA of congestive heart failure.
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What are the colors of Tennessee vols?

The University of Tennessee's official colors are UT Orange(Pantone 151), White, and Smokey Gray (Pantone 426).