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What is a vs diamond?

VS refers to the clarity of the gem: it stands for very slight . VS is a little above middle-of-the-road clarity grade that inclusions will not be visble to the naked eye, ( Full Answer )
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How do you get the vs seeker?

In Vermilnion city, if you into the pokemon center there is a girl i front of the desk, if you talk to her she gives you the vs seeker
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How do you get a vs seeker?

But you do not get the vs seeker in blue red and yellow I've tried many times and none of them gave me anything so i was like what is this i want a vs seeker so i went onlin ( Full Answer )
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Ict vs it?

Pelgrum and Law (2003) state that near the end of the 1980s, the term 'computers'. was replaced by 'IT' (information technology) signifying a shift of focus from. computing ( Full Answer )
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When do you use 'has' vs 'had'?

Bill has a bottle of water. Present tense.. Bill drank the water.. Bill had a bottle of water. Past tense.. Bill has an empty water bottle. Present tense. Bill had water i ( Full Answer )
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Has vs had?

Has refers to the present perfect tense: He has studied French, so he can converse with his Parisian neighbors. Had refers to the past perfect, so an action or state before t ( Full Answer )
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What is the vs on a dime?

"vs" is an abbreviation for "versus", so it's not clear what you mean. If you're referring to the " JS " below the image of FDR, it's the designer's monogram: John Sinnock. ( Full Answer )
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When to use has vs have?

Quick general answer: The verb: to have The singular forms are . I have (this is the first person singular) . You have (this is the second person singular) . He has (thi ( Full Answer )
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How do you get the vs seaker?

Once you get to Vermillion City, go to the Pokemon center..Once there go inside and talk to the girl standing directly in front of the counter. She gives you the VS Seeker!!
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Than vs then?

than is a comparison while then is used to say after this... eg. than- I think that eggs are better than milk. then- I went to the park and then i went home.
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What is vs?

vs is mainly use for comparing two or more than two things.usually it is used in cricket. e.g=India vs Pakistan
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When do you use a vs an?

\nGenerally, "a" is used in front of a consonant, and "an" is used in front of a vowel, or vowel-sound - a 'y' or a soft 'h'.
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When to use was vs were?

When the statement being made is about a situation in the past that actually occurred (not a hypothetical situation), then was is for singular subjects, and were is for ( Full Answer )
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When to use is vs are?

When you have a singular subject, you use is . Just as if you have a plural subject, you use are . For example, The dog ( singular ) is ( singular ) outside in the y ( Full Answer )
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When do you use which vs that?

If you mean that which vs which, the former is very formal and archaic. Which is preferred.
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Is it vs or VS?

In a case citation, either abbreviation of versus , v. or vs., is correct, but v. is used more frequently. The single letter, V, is sometimes capitalized, but this looks odd ( Full Answer )
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Lion vs tiger vs cougar vs black panther vs liger?

liger-75 % of victory lion - 69% tiger- 68.77% or equal (unknown) cougar-56% black panther- 54 % that's in my opinion, but still no one knows the right answe ( Full Answer )
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Where do you vs likytung?

lv 30 teach it ancient power raise it 1 level and it will become likyliki
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Is versus vs or vs?

Versus is the full word. Vs. with the . period after the s is just the abbreviation
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How do you get into a VS commodore?

Through one of the 4 doors, presuming you have a key and you own the vehicle. If you don't have a key, and do not own the vehicle, you could smash a window with a heavy solid ( Full Answer )
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Acu vs abu vs marpat vs multicam?

Multi-cam works best in any desert environment . MAR-PAT comes in second. ACU comes in 3rd place. ACU does blend better in environments that have dead vegetation or white sand ( Full Answer )
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Where do you get a vs seeker?

For FireRed and LeafGreen, you receive it from a girl in the Vermillion City Pokemon Center. For Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, you receive it after you get your bike and go down ( Full Answer )
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Runescape vs. AQWorlds vs. WoW vs. Metin2?

In order ( Based on Knowledge, Gameplay, Updates ): Note: 1 Being the best and 4 Being the worst... Also, there are many debates about this. Runescape and Metin2 are very ( Full Answer )
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Cougar vs lion vs tiger vs bear vs elephant?

Whoa, there are WAY too many variables here to be able to answer! What species of bear and tiger are we talking about anyway? What age, sex and health status are these animals ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell vs?

The correct spelling is: Versus The proper way to abbreviate the word "versus" is: vs. Example: "Ali vs. Williams" (This answer is based upon The Chicago Man ( Full Answer )
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What does VS stands for?

1) Versus 2) Visual Studio 3) Victoria's Secret 4) Vertical Speed 5) Video Stream 6) Very Special
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Has Been vs Was?

It depends on the usage of each one, so for example: Jon was sick. Jon has been sick. The first sentence would usually be used for an action that is finished and with a tim ( Full Answer )
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Who would win prying mantis vs beetle vs wasp vs bee vs centipede vs scorpion vs catterpiller vs worm vs butterfly?

i think the the scorpion because the scorpion has a fang of poison on the tip of his tail which can easily stun and enemy or kill The worm and butterfly are harmless. The was ( Full Answer )
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There vs their what is the difference?

There stands for a reference to a place. The opposite of HERE, just add the T. Their stands for a reference to a person or a group of people.
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When to use their vs there?

Their is possesive, meaning it belongs to a group of people. " It is their dog " There is describing a place. "Look over there ! a flying pig!" They're is the cont ( Full Answer )
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Is vs are?

Is and are are both present tense be verbs. Is is the singular form and are is the plural form. He is always late. They are always early. Use is when you have ( Full Answer )
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How do you punctuate which vs that?

x is the word. x vs. x (whatever else you put, or another period to end the sentence.)
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When to use she vs her?

She is a subject pronoun and is used in the subject position of a sentence. She has a big dog. Her is a possessive pronoun it shows us something belongs to her her h ( Full Answer )
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DO vs MD?

Both MDs and DOs tend to begin training by getting a four-year undergraduate degree, either in pre-med, or in a related science field. Each type of doctor will then complete f ( Full Answer )
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What is VS cognac?

VS is a classification of Cognac that means it is at least 2 years aged..