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Vaginal hysterectomy vs. surgery?

Answer . My sister had a vaginal hysterectomey...Recovery time is much faster than a rregular surgical hysterectomy. You will still have about 4 weeks of recovery time but (MORE)
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Karin vs. Karin vs. Orihime vs. Chuck Norris vs. Sakura vs. Mihsa?

Chuck Noris wins.. He always w ins.♥♥. Sakura second place.. Then Orihime.. Then Misha.. Then Karin (from kamichama karin). Then Karin (from Naruto shipudden. (MORE)
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What was the outcome of Plessy vs. Ferguson?

Under the 1986 ruling, the law establishing "separate but equal" was ruled constitutional, and segregation continued in public accommodations and transportation. Plessy v. Fe (MORE)
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What is EST vs. ET?

EST = Eastern Standard Time; EDT = Eastern Daylight Savings Time;ET = Eastern Time, generally taken to mean the time currently beingobserved in that time zone, whether it's ES (MORE)
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Runescape vs. AQWorlds vs. WoW vs. Metin2?

In order ( Based on Knowledge, Gameplay, Updates ): Note: 1 Being the best and 4 Being the worst... Also, there are many debates about this. Runescape and Metin2 are very (MORE)
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Celsius vs. Fahrenheit?

F to C Deduct 32, then multiply by 5, then divide by 9 C to F Multiply by 9, then divide by 5, then add 32
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Girls vs. boys in Cuba?

The win is girls because the boy is enervate,softy,thinner,weak,weakly so weak you know.
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Flash vs. Superman race?

it was a comic and also a TV episode from superman the animated series "fastest man alive". In the TV episode it was a tie, after some time had pass with comics, Flash was the (MORE)
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What is the problem with Lawrence vs. Texas?

Lawrence vs. Texas is a landmark court ruling which was adressing sodomy between consenting adults in private.Lawrence made the act of Sodomy legal and stuck down laws which m (MORE)
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Kodiak vs. aligator?

I think a Kodiak could pick up an alligator and chomp it right in the abdomen and that would be all of the alligator. On the other hand, the alligator, when picked up by the b (MORE)
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Tabletop vs. consoles?

when you play a game on a table top, you cannot avoid errors in which when you commit that, you may be spending a lot of time to make that error be corrected. in case you didn (MORE)