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What is vunerable?

if someone or something is venerable it means the cost of an incident is more severe to them than someone without venerability

When is a PC vunerable to cyber attacks?

Whenever it is turned on. ESPECIALLY if is connected to the Internet. Use FireFox rather than Internet Exploder. Get a good antivirus program and use it. Invest in a (MORE)

Why are hemophilliacs so vunerable to HIV?

At one time this was the case. However, once testing of blood products began in the mid 1980s, the chances of someone being infected with HIV via blood transfusions is virtual (MORE)

How many number of ports are vunerable for an attack in a computer?

By ports you could be referring to physical connection ports on a host machine, if so then all can be abused in some form to compromise or damage a machine. Physical access to (MORE)
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What makes individuals more vunerable to abuse then others?

When a person's emotional development is stunted, which can happen for a variety of reasons, it leaves them more sensitive to their environment and more likely to engage in ce (MORE)