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How did they come up with the idea of a computer?

Charles Babbage invented the computer . Several people came up with various ideas for automatic computing devices at various times and working on different tasks, all were m (MORE)

How did Copernicus come up with his idea?

The idea is simply explained by looking at the Earth and Marsorbiting the Sun, as we now know they do, and assume circularorbits for simplicity. The Earth's orbit has a radius (MORE)
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How did they come up with the idea of clowns?

They felt like it! Plls were bored at circuses, so they came up with clows.. I would think that the last word meant clowns! Circus is supposed to be a light family show with (MORE)

How did the alien idea come up?

It came about from people wondering if there was life elsewhere in the Universe, many people believe that there are life forms on other planets and others do not.
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What new idea has AC Products come up with?

In November of 2011, AC Products patented a 9" ceramic corner shelf with integrated "Tidy Hook". It was made specifically for the corners of showers and bath areas, in order t (MORE)

What is a good way to come up with a book idea?

Get some inspiration! That is the best and pretty much only way youcome up with a book idea. Take a look at your surroundings. Maybeit'll be a poetic book about nature. Maybe (MORE)