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What is the cheapest 4-WD car?

The best fruit in the world is the starfruit because it is shaped like a star!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . Also, did you know it was my favorite pie in the mayor? . mayonaise is fat, so (MORE)
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What is WD-40?

Answer . WD 40 is Water Displacement 40th attempt. wd40 was originally created to prevent corrosion on the tips of the Military missiles while in storage. They tried 39 ti (MORE)
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What does WD-40 stand for?

Water Displacement, 40th formula. Water displacement is the means by which WD-40 prevents corrosion. 40 is for the 40th attempt by inventor Norm Larsen to effectively formu (MORE)
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Who does wd-40 stand for?

WD-40 is the trademark name of a widely-available water-displacing spray developed in 1953 by Norm Larsen, founder of the Rocket Chemical Company, San Diego, California. It wa (MORE)
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How much friction does WD-40 have?

WD-40 isÊa lubricant product that enhances lubrication andprotection, and dries to a clear film that resists dirt, dust, andoil. So thisÊis an anti-friction product.
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What is different from wds and RIS?

Changes from RIS Changes from Windows Deployment Services on Windows Server 2003 . The ability to deploy Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 . Windows PE is the bo (MORE)
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Is there acid in WD-40?

look on the can and see if there is a phone number for technical support, if so, call it and they should be able to answer any questions concerning the product.
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What does wds mean?

Windows Domain System or Windows Domain Service
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Does wd-40 prevent rust?

yes, because when you put oil on bearing or hardware the water does not make the metal wet.THe water just slides off.
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Does WD-40 clean?

Check this site out,.
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What is WD-40 good for?

WD-40 helps: . stops squeaks .drives out moisture .cleans and protects . loosens rusted parts . frees sticky mechanisms CAUTION:FLAMMABLE.
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When was wd-40 invented?

WD-40 was invented in 1953 as a corrosion-resistant coating for missile covers. WD-40's formula and manufacturing process remain a highly guarded trade secret, not unlike t (MORE)
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What is the main ingredient in wd-40?

Oil. Or, if you want to be specific... Everything that died a few million years ago and was then compressed under tons of pressure and turned into oil.
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Does WD-40 contain silicon?

Very probably not, but the chemical composition is not public.
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What to do when accidentally inhale WD-40?

Inhalation of vapors can cause irritation, nausea, and headache. Ingestion can cause vomiting and diarrhea. In some cases, inhalation or ingestion can cause severe lung damage (MORE)
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Does WD-40 hurt granite?

No, but you have to fully commit, and treat the entire surface.
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Does wd-40 attract fish?

No, this is an urban legend. WD40 has petroleum products in it, and this repels fish.
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What was WD-40 for?

Spray on lubricant mostly for hinges, etc