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How do you find out if you are colorblind?

Go to your doctor for advice.. While your eye doctor is the one who can give you an expert diagnosis, you can test yourself also. If you use any search engine to look up "col (MORE)
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How is colorblindness inherited?

Through the X chromosome, usually from a mother, (whom does not show any signs of colour blindness, yet she is a CARRIER of the X chromosome) passed down to son. Males usually (MORE)
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Is colorblindness a disability?

While it is a disability, it is not normally classified as such for purposes of Disability Laws.
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Are Hamsters colorblind?

No but they have bad vision so whenever you see a hamster sniffing around the cage it's trying to see where to go
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Are you colorblind?

Take a colorblindness test from a doctor or in a book or on the internet
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What is colorblind?

colorblind means that colors look like different colors to a colorblind person. Colorblindness is caused by a defect in the X chromosome which is why males (XY) are more like (MORE)
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Is a carrier for colorblindness colorblind?

Not necessarily. The allele for colorblindness is recessive. For a female, in order to be colorblind she must have to recessive alleles for colorblindness. Example: XcXc would (MORE)
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Can a father of a colorblind boy be colorblind?

Yes. For the son to be colorblind the mother would also have to be either colorblind or a carrier. If the father is colorblind and the mother is neither colorblind nor a carri (MORE)
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Are roaches colorblind?

Roaches can see most colors, but are insensitive to red and react strongly to green.
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Are mice colorblind?

Yes, mice are color blind. Humans have three color cells in there eyes, but since mice only have two, they see a limited amount of colors. They don't actually see in just blac (MORE)
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Are labradores colorblind?

Yes. This means that they only see in black and white, unlike us humans we can see in colour.
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What dogs are not colorblind?

Essentially all of them. The idea that dogs are colourblind is amajor misconception. However, their colour vision is less developedthan humans. Dogs are dichromats, meaning th (MORE)
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How do you cure colorblind?

You don't, it's the brain's connection to your eye showing something in a different colour to what it's supposed to be. All about the signals sent to your brain from your eye (MORE)
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Are kittens colorblind?

No, they can distinguish some basic colors like Red,Blue,Yellow,Green and Orange
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Are tarantulas colorblind?

Perhaps. We belive that most tarantulas are colorblind; this is calledd yschromatopsia . This does not mean there are some tarantula species with other lesssevere color sen (MORE)
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Are the dogs that are mean to kids colorblind?

Dogs are NOT colour blind, they see things that are black,white,blue or yellow better than any other colour. They see most colours,some of them might be pale though.They can s (MORE)
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Are huskys colorblind?

Yes,therefor they are colorblind like all other dogs.