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How do you say Bladder wrack in French?

Bladder wrack (Fucus vesiculosus L.) answers to the common names of "Varech vĂ©siculeux, chĂȘne marin, laitue marine" in French.
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What does knotted wrack eat?

Assuming you're referring to Ascophyllum nodosum (L.) Le Jolis, and assuming you mean a definition of "eat" that includes ingestion and digestion, then the answer is: Nothin ( Full Answer )
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Is it spelled racking my brain or wracking my brain?

It is "racking one's brain". One definition of the word racking is "To cause great physical or mental suffering, e.g. Pain racked his entire body ." To "rack one's brain" ( Full Answer )
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Is it rack brain or wrack brain?

Usually rack one's brain. However, according to Oxford dictionary online, it's either: PHRASES rack ( or wrack ) one's brains make a great mental effort. - ORIGIN fro ( Full Answer )
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Do you wrack your brain or rack your brain?

It is technically either. But the word form used in the US vernacular is to "wrack" one's brain (or brains). The word wrack is a variant of "wreck", to ruin or destroy. Th ( Full Answer )
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What is a beach wrack?

Beach wrack's are piles of seaweed, other plants, and animal remains. And its washed ashore in bundles. It mainly has marine algae or seaweed that comes from kelp beds outside ( Full Answer )
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Why is beach wrack important?

beach wrack is important because it provides food for many species, migrating birds and many other species to hide from there prey.
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How does a bladder wrack plant position itself in the day?

Bladder wrack does not move to a certain position in the day till night, it is an algae not a plant and can not move position like an animal. Although at night the tide comes ( Full Answer )
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What in botany is called a wrack?

Wrack, as in "sugar wrack" refers to marine vegetation, specifically seaweed or more specifically, kelp. Wrack is also a term used to refer to a thin cloud. ( Full Answer )
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What facts have played a role in the rapid ecomomic changes that have wracked countries?

There are several factors that played a role in the rapid economic changes that have wracked countries in recent years. One factor is the need for the bank bailouts by the na ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in Das geheimnisvolle Wrack - 1954?

The cast of Das geheimnisvolle Wrack - 1954 includes: Maria Besendahl as Augustine Schmalz Gabriele Brigitte von Lindenau as Ilse Kruse Erika Dunkelmann as Stine Drews Wally F ( Full Answer )