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What is a ring wraith?

The Ring Wraiths are what's left of the nine human kings that were given rings of power by Sauron, in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
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What are wraiths?

The wraiths in Lord of the Rings are the Ringwraiths, or Nazgul, servants of Sauron. They were once kings of men, but Sauron gave to them the Nine rings of power, and eventual ( Full Answer )
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Who is wraith from x-men origins?

John Wraith was a mutant that was with Wolverine in his squad of mutants that Stryker assembled in X-Men Wolverine:Origins SPOILER When Stryker asked Sabretooth to colle ( Full Answer )
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Can you drive a wraith on Halo 2?

Yeah. It's really fun to drive and can dominate in multiplayer. Really close rivals with the Scorpion.
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How do you get the wraith pet in wizard 101?

You obtain the wraith pet by being a certain level as a death wizard and getting the quest from dworgon. Also, you can hatch with another player.
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What is a sentence using the word wraith?

As he followed the ghost through the house, the wraith passed right through the walls and doors. Many people have reported seeing a wraith or other kinds of supernatural acti ( Full Answer )
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How can you use the word wraith in a sentence?

(Wraith means an apparition or ghostlike form. Do not confuse wraith with wrath, a noun meaning strong, vengeful anger or indignation.) "John looked out over the cemetery ( Full Answer )
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How did raziel become a wraith?

Raziel was a sarafan warrior-priest, after he died Kain resurrected him as a vampire lieutenant looking over kains empire. After raziel was gifted with wings before kain, kain ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of wraith?

A wraith is a ghost, spirit, spectre, phantom, or shade, often of dark nature. The word wraith is used to describe evil spirits in many different types of literature and media ( Full Answer )
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How do you get the AAA Wraith in mutiplayer?

You can't. Actually you can just go onto and it tells you how. It's not that easy to get on the AA wraith but it works and it's fun shooting those fuel rods ( Full Answer )
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Where do you get wraith berry juice in Petpet Park?

If you meant by the Sparkling Wraithberry Juice, you can get it at the Munchery for 250 pp. But if you meant by the Wraithberry smoothy, you earn it by completing a job called ( Full Answer )
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What lvl do you get wraith quest for wizard101?

there is no wraith quest, you just need level 42 and get it from your the dude behind th water all in the death school(meaning member only)
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Is the wraith car a real car?

Yes, the car that appeared in the movie is actually a Dodge M4S. It was an aerodynamic, mid-engined sports car prototype made by Dodge in the mid-80s. Apparently only 4 are in ( Full Answer )
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Where do you get the wraith pet on wizard101?

The wraith pet is a death school only pet, if your first school is death, than at lvl 48 you get wraith, you can also get wraith from breeding your pets. But since the wraith' ( Full Answer )
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Faded wraith in oblivion iv?

To kill any kind of ghost or spirit in TES 4: Oblivion, you need toeither use spells, or enchanted, silver or daedric weapons.
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How do you highjack a wraith on Halo 3?

This is just a suggestion, but for Halo 2 you have to walk near the Wraith without getting killed and it will offer to highjack it. It could be the same for 3, you could t ( Full Answer )
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What is a water wraith on Pikmin?

The water wraith is a boss in Pikmin 2. He does not appear in the first game at all. He is an extra dimensional creature who will try to kill your pikmin by rolling over them. ( Full Answer )
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How many pieces are in the covenant wraith?

there are two places in the wraith there is 1:the driving one were you can use the pasma cannon and move the wraith around 2:someone already has to be driving the wraith you j ( Full Answer )
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What is the plot for Dark Wraith of Shannara?

Beginning Dark Wraith of Shannara began with Jair Ohmsford having a recurring dream in which he relives a section of Indomitable where he managed to become the slain "Wea ( Full Answer )
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Can ring wraiths die in Lord of the Rings?

They are very hard to kill, but it is possible. Elrond uses one ofthe elven rings of power to sweep a group of Nazgul away with adeluge, destroying their physical bodies and s ( Full Answer )
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How do you fly Banshees and pilot Wraiths in Halo Reach?

Flying Banshees is confusing. But to pilot a wraith you use the normal go forward button and to shoot the big electric balls you press the fire button. To use boost you press ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in The Wraithe - 2014?

The cast of The Wraithe - 2014 includes: Charlotte Badham as Barmaid Josie Connor as Miss Manners Kevin Horsham as Mr. August Fawn James as Catherine James Kennan as Garth She ( Full Answer )
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Who is occult author William Robert Wraithe?

William Robert Wraithe is an occult author that writes books forthe popular genre of new age magic(k). He has written over twentybooks (most popular one being MTHOS) that delv ( Full Answer )
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Who is William Robert Wraithe?

William Robert Wraithe is an occult author that writes books forthe popular genre of new age magic(k). He has written over twentybooks (most popular one being MTHOS) that delv ( Full Answer )