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You have had your 03 jeep wrang Sahara alligned 2 times and your right front tire 32-1050 bf goodyear all-terrains with only 1000 miles are wearing really bad on the outer edges any ideas.?

have a complete front-end inspection done. It is possibly a worn ball-joint or tie-rod. Take it to a shop that specializes in front ends. . Either the camber spec. is out or ( Full Answer )
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Is wrang a word?

Wrang is a word; it is a Scot word for wrong. Wrang is not, however, past tense, as in, "She wrang out the wet cloth".
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Did liisa wrang invent stardollcom?

yes, she did. Her stardoll name is: Hazurama and her daughter also plays on stardoll her name is rihon