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What was Walt Whitman's writing style?

Walt Whitman used free verse in an entirely new way. This concept of free verse was unheard at his time. He wanted to express his thoughts. His new way didn't stop the thought (MORE)

What are the disqualification of the four basic styles in swimming?

I'm not an expert but I am a competitive swimmer with many experiences with DQ (disqualification) here's what I know. Freestyle-you can do pretty much any thing as long as yo (MORE)

What are styles in writing a technical writing?

Technical writing is the art of being able to explain/describe complex ideas to both technical and nontechnical audiences usually in the form of a Manual or online Help. Thi (MORE)

What are the three basic communication styles?

The three basic styles, (or methods) of communicating would have to be..... 1. Language (mostly verbal, sometimes manual- eg. in the case of signed languages) 2. Non- (MORE)

What is William Wordsworth's style of writing?

Wordsworth deviated from the then traditional formal stylised styleof writing by using nature and the diction of the common man. Hebelieved that poetic style should be as simp (MORE)

How do you get the Club Penguin style of writing?

There is only one writing style to have on Club Penguin. It is a background that looks like a piece of notepaper and says This Is Me! And it has an arrow pointing to your peng (MORE)

What is the writing style of the old demon?

In the old days , Italics and bold type only survivors, there was a sort of special script which would give not only the meaning of say, a line of poetry but emphasis and pron (MORE)

Why do puritans write in plain style?

Puritan Plain Style was the Puritan way of writing. Their theory ofliterary style was a belief in a plain style of writing, in whichthe highest goal are clear statements. They (MORE)

How many basic styles are there of a bit?

Of course there are literally thousands of different kinds of bits, enough to fill many books. But the basics are the snaffle (broken) and solid or curb (unbroken). It's not a (MORE)
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Writing style are?

writing style includes: word choice, sentence fluency ,voice