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What is xylene?

The term xylene refers to a mixture of three aromatic hydrocarbon isomers essentially benzene derivatives, which encompasses ortho-, meta-, and para- isomers of dimethyl benze ( Full Answer )
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How many pounds in a gallon of xylene?

Answer . There are several different kinds of xylenes, but on average, the density is 0.864 g/mL. There are 3785.41 mL per gallon, so 1 gallon xylenes weighs 3270.59 gra ( Full Answer )
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Is xylene used as activator in water transfer printing?

Yes, but it's only one of the components. One MSDS listed a widevariety of solvents and ketones: Xylene = Dimethylbenzene 42% Methyl = methyl acetate = acetic acid methyl es ( Full Answer )
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At what temperature does mixture of water and xylene boil?

Such a mixture would not have a specific boiling point. Instead, it can be used for separating the two substances by heating, a process known as distillation. At 100C, water w ( Full Answer )
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Does xylene dissolve bitumen?

Xylene will dissolve bitumen. Bitumen is also know as asphaltcement, or just asphalt. A more appropriate solvent would beStoddard solvent.
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Where to find xylene?

It should be reasonably easy to find at your local hardware store or paint specilist. Look under the painting section for thinners and strippers. xylene or xylol is readily av ( Full Answer )
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What is the purpose of Xylene in immunohistochemistry?

Xylene is an organic solvent which is miscible with alcohol and wax. In histochemistry alcohol is used to dehydrate tissue sections and then this alcohol is further replaced b ( Full Answer )
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What do the xylen and phloem tubes do?

xylem carry water through the plants from roots to shoots. phloem carry sugar and nutrients
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Is xylene used as an activator?

Xylene is a volatile liquid hydrocarbon that is obtained bydistilling wood, coal tar, or petroleum. It is used as an activatorin water transfer printing.
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How many types of xylene are?

Three: ortho (1,2), meta (1,3), and para (1,4). The substituents are identical, so 1,5 is the same as 1,3 and 1,6 is the same as 1,2.
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What happens with a Friedel craft acylation on o-xylene?

O-xylene is a benzene ring with two methyl groups in the ortho-positions. Methyl groups on a benzene ring act as o,p-directors, which means that they direct electrophiles to t ( Full Answer )
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Why is xylene nonpolar?

Xylene is an aromatic hydrocarbon that consists of a benzene ringwith two methyl substituents. It is nonpolar because there is anequal sharing of electrons between its atoms.
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Is xylene a halogen?

No because it is not an element. It is a mixture of 3 aromatic isomers found in crude oil.
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How do I mix Toluene or xylene mixed with acetone as a fuel additive?

Hi, the answer to your question about mixing acetone, tolulene, methanol or xylene is: about 3 ounces to 10 gallons. you dont want to put to much because it will actually decr ( Full Answer )
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How do you differentiate between para-xylene and ortho-xylene?

Probably the easiest way is to take an NMR and look at the aromatic region (7-8 chemical shift).  p-xylene has 4 equivalent aromatic protons (giving only 1 peak in the 7-8 ( Full Answer )
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What is the chemical equation for xylene?

Basic equation for xylene is C8H10. Xylene is di-methyl benzene and comes in three different forms (isomers) : 1,2-dimethylbenzene also called ortho xylene sometime shorten ( Full Answer )
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Is xylene a carcinogen?

Xylene is strongly suspected of being a carcinogen, though no definite conclusion appears to have been made on this issue. Err on the side of caution and assume that, in time, ( Full Answer )
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Which is more dense xylene or trichloroethane?

Between Xylene and Trichloroethane I think the Trichloroethane is the denser of the two. When water and trichloroethane are mixed, regardless of the quantity of water, trichlo ( Full Answer )
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What is a product made from xylene?

Xylene is generally used as a solvent. It is often encountered as a mixture of three different isomers, (same composition different structure), which are generically dimethylb ( Full Answer )
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Why replace xylene with toluene in tissue processing in histopathology?

Toluene's largest single use is in industrial coating applications, primarily automotive finishes, wood furniture and machinery. As more regulatory rules are promulgated, form ( Full Answer )
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Is xylene toxic?

Yes, depending on the criteria for toxicity. Like most other low-molecular weight aromatics, xylenes are moderate health hazards. While pure xylenes are not carcinogens or ter ( Full Answer )
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Can xylene cause cancer?

As xylene is a solvent, I would have to say a constant exposure could cause cancer! Most solvents are reported to be cancerous during long-term usage.
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What shape is the structure of xylene?

Xylene is a ring of hydrocarbons, with some secondary structures attached like branches. The location of the branches on the main ring change depending on the specific type of ( Full Answer )
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Does ethanol and xylene form azetrope?

Ethanol+Water+p-Xylene is an Azeotropic mixture ------------ For p-xylene, zeotropic, but for x-xylene, contradictory results.Please see the links.
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What is a xylene?

A xylene is any of a group of three isomeric aromatic hydrocarbons,found in coal and wood tar.