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Does Ya Ya mean grandmother?

YaYa is a first name, I believe that it originates from Brazil. It's not from Brazil I'm Brazilian and I don't know what's Ya Ya Edit- Ya Ya is not Portuguese, it is G ( Full Answer )
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What do ya do if two guys like ya?

Do you like either of them? If not, then just tell them that you don't feel the same way about them, but be nice about it.. Do you like either of them? If not, then just tell ( Full Answer )
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What does ya ya mean?

In my knowledge, it is Greek for Grandmother, so it can be anaffectionate term for a grandmother.
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What movie is I'll see ya when I see ya from?

It is used by 2 movies that I know of. Linus Caldwell (played by Matt Damon) says it at the end of Ocean's Thirteen. And it's also the last line from Lester "Worm" Murphy (pla ( Full Answer )
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What is a ya ya?

it's like yeah yeah but in other words you say ya ya ha is also used for grandmother in the Tsimpshian language...
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What does ya trick ya mean?

"Ya" just means "you" in dialect pronunciation. A "trick" is someone who is being used just for money - it can also refer to a sex act performed by a prostitute.. "Ya Trick Y ( Full Answer )
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What is ya-yiieh?

is used to describe the music played in Chinese courts of nobility which is 2,000 years old.
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Who Sang gichy Giche Ya Ya Da Da?

The Song is called Lady Marmalade and it is by Christina Aguilera. It was originally sang by the girl group, LaBelle; fronted by Patti Labelle.
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What Beatles album has She Loves You Ya Ya on it?

The Beatles' Second Album in the US; A Collection Of Beatles Oldies... But Goldies in the UK. Just to add its She Loves You Yeah Yeah Yeah not Ya ya
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What does gitchy gitchy ya ya DA DA mean?

hmm........that's a hard question......I'm sorry. I don't know. I apologize for not knowing the answer.
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What does ya-ya mean?

In spanish:. I want to finish doing what you're doing. I need you to hurry up. I'm impatient and I've heard enough. I know there's more but I just can't remember right now ( Full Answer )
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What are the lyrics to I told ya I love ya now get out?

I TOLD YA I LOVE YA, NOW GET OUT Lou Carter / Herb Ellis / Johnny Frigo As recorded by Anita O'Day w Will Bradley & his Orch September 1947 New York . "I've told ya I ( Full Answer )
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What does ya ya mean in Swahili?

It means : party time This contributor has never heard ya ya in such a meaning. he has often heard it meaning "yes, yes." Yaya means nanny or babysitter.
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What is the song which goes like hey ya ya ya ya ohh hey oh hey ya ya ya ya heeeeeeeey yaaaaaaaaa its like a good spirited song average speed?

I think this song is 'hey ya' by Outkast? Hope I've helped :) no it isn't! The answer to your question > Oliver Shanti - Water Four Circles of Life ;) YACHT_--_Psy ( Full Answer )
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Is ya-ya a name for grandmother?

No, it's a term used by Filipino children and teenagers to call their house helper/caretaker. Soon, this term became widely used in satires, television shows, etc. Otherwise ( Full Answer )
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What do ya do if ya forced to Mary someone you don't like?

You are never forced to marry someone. If you don't want to marry them, don't. Dealing with the consequences of angering the person or your family will be much better than de ( Full Answer )
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What is ya jaw?

A Slang term formally used by Jay "Bird" Jackson. ex- Jay where have you been? His reply, Ya Jaw that's where! Now is widely used to joke around but Jay Bird is serious when h ( Full Answer )
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What does Ya Hasan Ya Husayn mean in Arabic?

If you mean Al-Hassan wa Al-Hussein, these are the grand kids for the messenger of Islam "Muhammad" and whom he loved and played a lot. Many people like to name their kids aft ( Full Answer )
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What is ya badiul ajaibe bilkhaire ya badiu?

the one who creates extra ordinary thing with khair i.e safety. khiar means safely.........ajaiba means something exceptional.......badiu means the one who creates something ( Full Answer )
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What does ya-ya mean in Islam?

Islam isn't a language its a religon. That's like asking what is ya-ya in christain.
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What does he combined with ya ya mean in Arabic?

"ya" might mean an arabic word in AGCC dialect meaning "came" . so when it is combined with "He" saying he ya ya it might mean"he came" and when repeating the word "ya" twice ( Full Answer )