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What song goes oooh yea yea yea?

there are a bunch of songs that have those lyrics in it, if you could be more specific to the kind of music, maybe a genre, or perhaps a band that it sounds like, maybe we cou ( Full Answer )
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What is the song that has yea yea yea yea yea yea from the 70s?

Are you talking about Shambala by Three Dog Night?. Wash away my troubles, wash away my pain With the rain in Shambala Wash away my sorrow, wash away my shame With the ( Full Answer )
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Did your Kilimanjaro erupt 100000 yeas ago?

No. If Kilimanjaro erupted, it would've erupted within the last 10,000 years, because the world was only created within 10,000 years ago. There is alot of evidence for this. H ( Full Answer )
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What is yeas?

Yeas is a saying meaning yes or yeah only said by people with chronis disorders as in down syndrome and being terminaly mute.. EX: do you want any chocolate cake nick?. YEAS ( Full Answer )
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What Hip hop song has yea yea yea in it?

Im totally looking for the same song!! By the way the no no no song is Kanye West Love Lockdown. ((((((Turn My Swag On))))))
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What is the four yea r term?

a term is like, how long, so in this case, that person or something would have that job, or something like that for four years. for example, the president of the U.S. has a fo ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between yea and yeah?

As a singer, I see these as two very different words.\n. \nYea has been used for centuries, often in religious music, and is pronounced "yay". As an example, "The Lord hath ( Full Answer )
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What is an important time of the yea for Muslims?

The most important time of the year for Muslims is the month of Ramadan in the Hijri year. To understand the answer correctly, one should know the working of Hijri year. the ( Full Answer )
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What does yea mean in Shakespeare?

Basically, "yea" could mean "but" or "even though." It could also mean "yes." It almost always depends how it is used in a sentence. Example: "Yea though I walk through the va ( Full Answer )
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How much precipitation does Kentucky get each yea?

Well, it depends what area your talking about.Most of Kentucky gets about 32-48 inches of rain. But the southwest and mid-south get about 80 inches. Her's a map, but its kinda ( Full Answer )
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What is the driving time from Yea to Melbourne?

The actual time may vary according to the traffic and weather. Theapproximate driving time between these two places is 1 hour 30minutes.
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Is is yay or yea?

If you are cheering for something it is Yay. Yea isn't a word but I'm lazy so i use it in replacement for Yeah.
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Where can you work as a vet assistant when you are 14 yeas old?

To the best of my knowledge, nowhere in the United States. A vet's clinic is a hazardous work environment due to exposure to biological fluids (blood, urine, feces, etc.) and ( Full Answer )
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Will Taylor lautner date a ten yea old?

What?!!? Of course not. If he could date Taylor swift, don't you think a ten year old is pretty out of his league! Get a grip. Im not a fan of his but i don't think hi ( Full Answer )
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Do verily and yea mean the same thing?

Verily and yea are close, but not quite. Verily means "certainly" or "truly", and can be used as an adverb: He verily believed that cats were gods .
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What does yea mean in modern English?

"Yea" means "yes" in a number of contexts in Modern English. Often it is paired with the word "nay" meaning "no", so people may say "vote yea or nay" The spelling "yea" indic ( Full Answer )
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What is the correct spelling yea or yeah?

Yeah is not really a proper word but if you are using it, it doesn't matter the way it is spelt as in the end slang is written all different kinds of ways. So yea
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How do you say hell yea in sign language?

that is a stupid question what am i going to do? do the hand motions you can't see if i had to guess, the same as definitely
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How do you say well yea in spanish?

You can say: of course which is "por supuesto." If yu say it the right way, you automatically add the quality of "well, yeah" to it. The actual words for well and yeah are ( Full Answer )
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What is the concept of a light yea?

I guess u r talkin about light year. It is referred to as the distance travelled at the speed of light for a year. means if an object travels at a speed of light(3*10^8 m/s) f ( Full Answer )
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What is the Hebrew word for yea?

Yea as in the archaic word for "truly" = be'emet (באמת) Yea as in a variation of "yes" = ken (כן)
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No answer yea?

well according to cutter callan theory is there was approximently 976.95 people died some were revived back to health and then cut cedar
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What yea did the Romans conquar Egypt?

The Romans, in effect, conquered Egypt in 31 BC after the battle of Actium. However, since Octavian did not enter Egypt and take possession of the country until 30 BC, either ( Full Answer )
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What does the formal definition of yea stand for?

There are different foraml definitionen for yea. One of them is the Yes vote in the military of the USA and the United Nation. Or it could mean the Yaw Error Amplifier in the ( Full Answer )
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What is the past tense of yeas?

Yeas is a plural noun (plural of yea, an affirmative response). Nouns do not have tenses.
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What animals are in the Chinese New Yea?

Some animals that are part of the Chinese Zodiac include the dragon, monkey, rat and dog. Some other animals in the Chinese Zodiac are the snake, ram and rooster.
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The distance a beam of light travels in one yea?

The distance a beam of light travels in one year in a vacuum iscalled a "light year". It is equivalent to just under 9.5 trillionkilometres.
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What actors and actresses appeared in Tim suen yea yea - 2005?

The cast of Tim suen yea yea - 2005 includes: Ping Ha as Mo Po Belinda Hamnett as Akubi Mary Hon as Man Chiu-hong Ching Kwan as Shing Rosanne Lui as Man Chiu-kwan Rebecca Sau ( Full Answer )