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What language is Ye on?

"Ye" is from Middle to Modern English, the type of English spoken by the people of England when King James published his Version of the the Bible. The original Bible was writt ( Full Answer )
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What is a yes-yes joint?

The atlanto-occipital joint is commonly referred to as the 'yes-yes' joint.It consists of cervical vertebra number one (CI) and the condyles of the occipital bone on either si ( Full Answer )
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What is a yes no question?

A yes or no question is a question that requires either a yes or no answer. Some examples of yes or no questions are: Do you like Bananas? Does Kristen have brown hair? ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with yes?

says Ness . 1 syllable bess , besse , bless , bress , bresse , ches , chess , cress , crests , dress , es , ess , esse , fess , fests , gess , gless , ( Full Answer )
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What is yes in Irish?

yes isn't relly used, its more it is or it isn't , ta se means it is, or se means ya.
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If an answer is yes why is it yes?

An answer can only be "yes" if there is some fact or truth, or agreement with what was asked. Otherwise, the answer would be "no". Example: Can we live on Saturn? No. - stat ( Full Answer )
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What is Latin for yes?

If I remember correctly what I've learned during the lessons... there's no real YES or NO in latin... you would simply have to affirm something. Like "do you go?" would need s ( Full Answer )
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What is yes in Brazil?

I think the national language of Brazil is Portuguese. Yes in Portuguese is sim . Hope this helps!
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What is yes and no?

Yes, is consenting to something. Example: Yes, I would like to go to the dance with you. No, means to oppose something. Example: No, you can not go out on a school nigh ( Full Answer )
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What does yes you can mean?

answer: we can do anything that is positive. answer: we can do anything that is positive. answer: we can do anything that is positive. answer: we can do anything that is po ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of yes?

1. . assent indicator: used, especially in speech, to indicate assent, agreement, or affirmation ""Do you like ice cream?" "Yes, I do."". "97 percent of respondents answe ( Full Answer )
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Is ye a word?

yes. You can check the related link to see the definition. ***Added by another user*** No, it's not a word. "Ye" is a corruption of "Thee" originally spelled in old Eng ( Full Answer )
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What is a yes-no question?

yes or no questions are simply questions with answers that are yes or no :)
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What is the meaning of YES?

\na word used when u agree on something.\n. \n(used to express affirmation or assent or to mark the addition of something emphasizing and amplifying a previous statement): Do ( Full Answer )
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Is maybe a yes or no?

A maybe is not a yes or no. It is like a 'possibly', or 'I might'. Maybe is used when someone doesn't really know, or want to answer the question.
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What is Welsh for yes?

The most used word for yes in welsh is 'Ydw' which means 'yes it is' or No is 'Nag ydw' which means 'no it isn't'. Another one would be 'oes' as in 'yes i am' or No is 'nag oe ( Full Answer )
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Is it yes ma'am or yes Ma'am?

Ma'am does not have to be capitalized, except where situationally apropriate such as when it is the first word in a sentence.
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Is yes a noun?

Yes, the word 'yes' is a noun , a singular, common, abstractnoun; a word for any affirmative vote or positive response; a wordfor a thing. The word 'yes' also functions as an ( Full Answer )
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Is yes an adverb?

More of an interjection, I would think. Some dictionaries considerit an adverb (affirmatively). e.g. He answered yes when asked if it was his knife. It can also be used as a n ( Full Answer )
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What is a yes man?

a yes man is someone who always agrees to someone they most like ly fear no matter what the subject is, most likely, a suck up
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What is 'Yes' in Zambia?

Iyi is an equivalent of 'Yes' in ciTonga. But there are 72 different language groups in Zambia. It therefore depends upon where you're going and what the people there speak. ( Full Answer )
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What are words with ye in it?

Hundreds of words contain theletters ye. A few of those words include annoyed, ballplayer,biyearly, bricklayer, buckeye, buyer, bye, conveyer, delayed,destroyer, disobeyed, dy ( Full Answer )
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How do you text yes?

You type yes like this. Press the n and the press the do that should do trick
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What is yes you do in French?

'Oui' Actually in french, we don't say "yes you do" like english do. We just say "yes" which is "oui". But if you do want to keep the emphasis or insistance create by the "y ( Full Answer )
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What is a yes or no answer called?

A yes or no answer is confirmed to be a direct answer or an answer that involves Only Yes or No's. Hope I helped :) another name would be a discrete answer because it is eit ( Full Answer )
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What is Spanish for yes I do?

At first glance this should be an easy question, but without any context, it is a little harder. In English, we use the word "do" without any real context - it just floats. Ex ( Full Answer )
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What is yes you have in spanish?

Could be many things, depending on what is being responded to. If simply: 'I haven't got....' (No tengo), then 'Yes you have' is 'Si, tienes'. But the implied verb after ( Full Answer )
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Is this correct yes you did can?

Either is correct depending on what you want to say, for example: Yes you did . (past tense of the verb 'do', a thing already done) Yes you can . (present tense verb for ( Full Answer )
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Can you answer only in yes or no?

One word answers are discouraged, but sometimes it's a yes or no question and a one word answer is a complete one.
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What does Yes Loans do?

Yes Loans does not currently offer any type of services. The unsecured loan brokerage firm's licence was revoked on March 8, 2012 by the Office of Fair Trading of the United K ( Full Answer )
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Is yes! is interjection?

It can be in cases like these: Yes! We made it! Yes! They won the game! Yes! I got an A in my exam!