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Who is emperor yu?

Emperor Yu was one of the legendary Five Emperors of Chinese antiquity. He is credited with creating the Chinese script based on characters inscribed on the back of a turtle t ( Full Answer )
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What is Yu Yu Hakusho?

Yu Yu Hakusho is an anime about how a normal tough guy in Japan gets hit by a car trying to save a boy from getting hit by the same car. Because of this, he is given a second ( Full Answer )
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Yu yu hakusho?

YuYu Hakusho came out in 1990 and ran until 1994, consisting of 19volumes in total. It was a Japanese manga series created by theartist, Yoshihiro Togashi.
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What is the Nintendo Yu?

It is a rumor of a new console. Someone started it probably because of the wii. Wii-Yu; They're opposites in proper English. Get it? hahahahhahah!!
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Which stores have yu yu hakusho mangas?

im not really sure on shops but why buy when you can read manga free online. if you want some websites, heres a list:,,, ( Full Answer )
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What is the End Song of Yu Yu hakusho?

1st ending is homework never ends 2nd ending is Sayonara Bye Bye 3rd ending is Unbalanced Kiss 4th ending is The sun will shine again 5th ending is Daydream Generatio ( Full Answer )
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What is 'yu' in Chinese?

Depending on the context in which it is used or the tone in which it is said, it can mean many different things. Some examples would be: 'fish' (鱼), 'rain' (雨), 'wit ( Full Answer )
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Are there any unproven rumors from Yu Yu Hakusho?

\nThe only one I can think of is the one regarding Hiei and Kurama. The whole rumor revolves around them being gay lovers. I don't think there is any real evidence proving or ( Full Answer )
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Can you see yu yu hakusho episode 72?

yes, check on youtube they have everything. they might even have season 1,2,3,and 4. yes, check on youtube they have everything. they might even have season 1,2,3,and 4. yes ( Full Answer )
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What is yu in Japan?

Yu means "hot water." It is usually said "oyu" with the o being a polite prefix.
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How many seasons of yu yu hakusho are there?

there is the new spirit detective the dark tournament part1 and the dark tournament part 2 then the chapter black saga then finally the saga of the three kings. so there is 5 ( Full Answer )
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Where can you watch yu yu hakusho?

you can watch it on or youtube. :DD i love that showw!. it's one of my favorite anime shows!! Along with Deathnote, Code Geass, Kiddy Grade, Vampire knight(guil ( Full Answer )
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Where can you watch yu yu hakusho ep?

You can try youtube that is where i watched mine but i have not been able to find episode 98-112 anywhere on the internet, sorry.
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Who is Guan Yu?

He is the sworn brother of Liu Bei and Zhang Fei, also the wielder of the spear Blue Dragon. He comes out in the Shu kingdom, in the game Dynasty Warriors, and is one of the s ( Full Answer )
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Yu Yu Hakusho how does it end?

Yu Yu Hakusho ends with the "gang" if you will on the beach of Genkai's which they will inherit when she dies, kayko is pissed because Yusuke isn't back yet, Hiei stays in the ( Full Answer )
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Who is yu qingtai?

Ambassador Yu Qingtai is the Special Representative for Climate Change Negotiations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, People's Republic of China
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Who is Byong Yu?

Master Byong Yu is an accomplished martial artist. He was born in 1935, in Korea. When he moved to the United States, he overcame physical disabilities, language barriers, rac ( Full Answer )
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What is the theme song to yu yu hakusho?

Opening Theme: "微笑みの爆弾 ( Hohoemi no Bakudan ), ghost fighter, 微笑みの爆弾 (smile bomb), 幽游白书(unbala ( Full Answer )
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How do you beat 1000 points in Yu Yu Hakusho GBA?

First, go to the punching arcade game, defeat the first two levels and find a bottle and rapidly press it on the A button. You must have lots of strength. Use your writing han ( Full Answer )
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How do you get easy experience on Yu Yu Hakusho Spirit Detective?

First, beat lots of people and get lots of experience points. Then, press START and select Save Stats. You will then go back to your profile and then you will still have old e ( Full Answer )
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Do yu have a girlfriend?

Haha... I'm sure he isn't married yet.... ya.. ISN'T! but.. I (think) he will have a pretty one..
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In yu yu hakusho why did togaro kill genkai?

Togoro killed Genkai because, when they were younger, they were in love. They, along with his brother Elder Togoro, entered the Dark Tournament and eventually won it. As his w ( Full Answer )
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How do yu kiss?

As soon as your lips meet you'll know what to do. its a natural thing, you have to know. in the beginning of time people didn't tell each other.. i don't think anyway.
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How many season are there in yu yu hakusho?

There are four seasons of Yu Yu Hakusho: The Spirit Detective Saga, The Dark Tournament Saga, The Chapter Black Saga, and The Three Kings Saga.
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Who is the villain from yu yu hakosho?

There are four seasons of Yu Yu Hakusho and each one has its own villain. *SPOILER ALERT!* For season one it was: Hiei, Gouki, Kurama, and Toguro brothers (at the Yukina e ( Full Answer )
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Will there be a season 5 of Yu Yu Hakusho?

No their will be no season 5 the series ends with yusuke going back to living world along with kuwabara and karama and hiei stays in demon world
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Who is the strongest in yu yu hakusho in brute strength?

As far as the four main characters go, Hiei and Kurama both have relatively low strength levels, Hiei relies more on speed and Kurama relies on strategy. This leaves Yusuke an ( Full Answer )
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What is the guys name in yu yu hakusho?

If you're talking about the main character, his name is Yusuke Urameshi; if you're talking about the orange-top his name is Kazuma Kuwabara; if you're talking about the redhea ( Full Answer )
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What episode of yu yu hakusho does Kurnoue appear in?

I don't think Kuronue is in the actual series. He's not even technically in the movie he's supposed to be in. The 'Kuronue' that appears in the Yu Yu Hakusho movie: Polterge ( Full Answer )
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Are yu cool?

I like to think I'm cool because I hang out with cool people and I like learning about everything. A person's defintion of cool is different depending on their likes and disli ( Full Answer )
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What is yu yu hakasho?

YuYu Hakusho is an anime/manga series. personally it is better if you read it, but watching it is fine too. Plot Summary: One day, 14 year old Yusuke Urameshi suddenly fin ( Full Answer )
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Who was Yu The Great?

Yu is one of China's legendary rulers who lived circa 2200 - 2100BC. Yu is credited with the creation of flood control, which is thedraining of flood waters into irrigation di ( Full Answer )