10 Best College Football Gameday Experiences

No one can argue that playing in "Death Valley" isn't an intimidating atmosphere. Just ask opposing teams. Tiger Stadium is loud, intimidating and pretty darn awesome. The tai (MORE)
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10 Most Loyal College Football Fan Bases

Nebraska football isn't what it once was. But Nebraska fans are. Husker fans are some of the most loyal and knowledgeable college football fans in the country. Why? Because th (MORE)
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10 Worst Major College Football Programs

There's little doubt that Indiana is a basketball school. Football is merely a way for Hoosier fans to pass the time before hoops season begins. Indiana's football program has (MORE)
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10 Greatest Big 10 Football Coaches of All-Time

Woody Hayes coached 28 seasons in Columbus and certainly left his mark on the Buckeye football program. Hayes guided the Buckeyes to 4 Rose Bowl victories and 2 national title (MORE)
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10 Best College Football States

It's hard to argue against Texas being the top college football state. The Longhorn state has only produced one national title in the past 40 years, but there are a plethora o (MORE)
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