5 Fun and Inspiring Baseball Songs

People listen to sports songs about baseball for a variety of reasons. They listen to them for inspiration, or for entertainment. They also listen to them so they can reminisc (MORE)

Important Facts about the Rules of Baseball

Baseball players are required to wear the team uniform and a glove if on defense. Only religious jewelry can be worn. A player can wear a medic alert bracelet if necessary. Th (MORE)

Fan-Friendly Major League Baseball Stadiums

Major League Baseball stadiums aren't created equal. A quirk of baseball is that parks need not have standard dimensions, like football fields or basketball courts. But more t (MORE)
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What is Fantasy Baseball?

Since the late 19th century, baseball has had its "hot stove" league. This was a metaphor for the winter-long discussion about the game, its possibilities, and players. In the (MORE)

MLB Players Make Memorable Appearances on TV Shows

Hollywood has tapped the charisma of big league baseball players ever since the cameras started rolling. Occasionally a player, such as first baseman Chuck Conners in "The Rif (MORE)

Selecting the Best Baseball Players of All Time

It's hard to define what makes a great baseball player. It is even harder to define who the best players ever are, for one must then take into account historical differences i (MORE)

The Players Who Excelled Most at Third Base

Baseballs hot corner needs a man with a glove that doesn't fail him. He also needs an arm like cannon. If his bat can launch home runs, that's great, but a third baseman in ba (MORE)
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Baseball Shortstops

They stand somewhere between second and third base. They are often thin, lanky, and fluidly graceful as they move. They make long throws from short left field to nab runners a (MORE)