10 Worst Sports Cities in America

Miami is a great place to party, get a tan and people-watch. Not such a great place to attend sporting events if you enjoy an awesome atmosphere. People in Miami aren't loyal (MORE)
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10 Worst Sports Franchises of All-Time

The Loveable Losers are difficult to hate unless you are a Cardinals or White Sox fan. The Cubs organization is so inept that despite having plenty of resources, it has been 1 (MORE)
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10 Most Annoying Pro Sports Fan Bases

Yankees fans are loyal. We'll give them that. But, then again, how difficult is it to be loyal when your team makes the playoffs every year? The problem we have with Yankee fa (MORE)
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10 Saddest Moments in Sports Movies

The inspirational speech prior to going on the field and the all-out performance in the game did not save the team from the loss at the state championship. The players, physic (MORE)
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12 Worst Pitchers That Won a World Series

There are plenty of phenomenal pitchers who have helped their teams win a World Series title. There are others however, that leave people wondering how they managed to secure (MORE)
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