How many playthroughs are there in Borderlands?

You can play through Borderlands twice. After defeating The Destroyer at the end of the game, Playthrough 2 is available. It is pretty much identical to the first playthrough, (MORE)

What is the difference between 'Internet' and 'Internet'?

The Internet, with a capital "I," refers to the network that began its life as the ARPAnet and continues today as, roughly, the confederation of all TCP/IP networks directly (MORE)

Can you use xbox 360 games on original xbox?

No. Xbox 360 is the newer model, so the games have more advanced technology that the original Xbox cannot handle. You can, however, play some original Xbox games on the Xbox 3 (MORE)
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Reading for Nothing: The Best Free E-Book Sites

There are so many e-books available for free that an e-reader, tablet, or computer can provide hour after hour of entertainment at no additional charge. These links are a grea (MORE)
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Configuring Your New Wireless Router

Wireless routers are powerful tools for connecting devices to the Internet. However, they are also extremely complicated and often confusing. Following these dos and don'ts wi (MORE)