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What is iota?

Iota is the ninth, and smallest, letter of the Greek alphabet, and,by extension, a very small quantity of something.
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How big is an iota?

An Iota (uppercase Ι , lowercase ι ; Greek : Ιώτα [iɔ̌ːta]) is the ninth letter of the Greek alphabet. It can be as big or as small as you ( Full Answer )
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How is kappa alpha psi linked to sigma gamma rho?

They are not constitutionally bound. There likeness only comes in the fact that they were both founded in Indiana at predominately white universities.
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Iota in a sentence?

An iota is a miniscule amount of something, often in a morefigurative way rather than literally. An example of a sentenceusing the word "iota" is "The Governor doesn't have a ( Full Answer )
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What does iota mean?

This is the ninth letter of the Greek alphabet and it means alittle or mostly nothing.
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Where is fort iota?

It is on the 4th floor. There are spikes at the top. Jumping by them and into the little nook will grant you the achievement of Fort Iota.
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What letter comes after iota?

iota = ιώτα = Ι, ι then goes eta = ήτα = Η, η see Greek alphabet
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Which country is the musician iOTA from?

iOTA was born in Australia. His parents were from New Zealand originally. His father is Maori, and his mother is English. He grew up in Pinjarra but eventually moved to Syd ( Full Answer )
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What is e to the power iota?

That depends on the value of iota. "e" is usually understood to be a specific number, which is approximately 2.718. But iota is a variable which can have any value.