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Who was President in 1740?

The first President of the United States of America did not takeoffice until April 30, 1789. The first to serve this office wasGeorge Washington, who held the office until Mar (MORE)

What was hiking used for back in the 1740?

It wasn't. I don't know the significance of 1740 - if any. Fewpeople walked for pleasure in the 18C., although some artists,poets and composers walked in the countryside or ve (MORE)

How much was a dime in 1740?

There was no such thing yet at the time. The U.S. Mint didn't beginproduction until 1793. In 1740, the American Colonies were stillunder British rule, using the British pound (MORE)

Is the word okeh from ojibwa in 1740?

There is no word okeh in the Ojibwa language, in 1740 or at any other time. One of the many proposed origins of the slang term "ok" is a Choctaw/Chickasaw word okeh ( (MORE)
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What is the US merchant code 1740 for?

In the US, this merchant code is used for masonry, stonework and plaster. For example, plasterers or stone cutters.