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What are SIC 3621 product lines?

In 2001 the industry's products consisted of four primary product groups: fractional horsepower motors, integral horsepower motors and generators, land prime mover generator s (MORE)

What is SIC 3621?

This classification comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing power generators, motor generator sets, and electric motors, excluding engine-starting motors.

What is SIC 3629?

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electrical capacitors are classified in SIC 3629: Electrical Industrial Apparatus, Not Elsewhere Classified.

What is 1256 percent of 3656?

1256 percent of 3656 can be represented in mathematics as :1256 /100 * 3656 . Then, 4591936 / 100 is equal to 45919.36 is 1256 percent of 3656.