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What happened at Runnymede in 1215?

  This was when King John (the King of England) was made to 'sign' (actually he placed is seal on it as he couldn't write) a document prepared for him his barons because h (MORE)

What century was 1215 in?

To get the century, just use the next number up. So the12-hundreds would be the 13th century.
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What did Jews have to wear in 1215?

In 1215 the Fourth Lateran Council of the Catholic Church urged princes to require Jews in their territories to wear a distinctive identifying badge, such as the Star of David (MORE)
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Why did feudalism decline in Europe in 1215?

1215 was the year of the Magna Carta. This was a document that limited the powers of the monarch of England, which therefore was a decline in feudalism in that specific area.
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What is 1215 am?

I'm not sure what you're asking. 12:15 is a time. If you're talkingAM, it's 15 minutes past midnight.
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