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What is aesthetic deterioration?

Aesthetic deterioration is the general decrease in quality in the way something appears to those viewing the person / object in question. As we get older and our physical appe (MORE)

What are camera aesthetics?

Camera aesthetics are the ability to pick up and move a camera through space before it was problematic to experience the changing in the world of the movie but now with the ae (MORE)

What does aesthetics mean for dt?

In Design and Technology it will mean who is your product for e.g. both sexes? ages? teens? adults? children? explain your answer A (aesthetics)- both sexes? age? children? t (MORE)

Define the term aesthetic properties?

  The qualities that make a product attractive to look at, or pleasing to experience, determine its aesthetic appeal. • It is through the senses of sight, touch, hearing (MORE)
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Is aesthetic perception a skill that you are born with?

Yes. Almost everyone is capable of seeing beauty in people, things  or in his surroundings - although tastes may vary wildly. At the  same time aesthetic perception is somet (MORE)