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What are camera aesthetics?

Camera aesthetics are the ability to pick up and move a camera through space before it was problematic to experience the changing in the world of the movie but now with the ae (MORE)

What is aesthetic deterioration?

Aesthetic deterioration is the general decrease in quality in the way something appears to those viewing the person / object in question. As we get older and our physical appe (MORE)

What does the greek root aesthet mean?

This is a tricky one. but it means feeling or perception. ex: kinesthesia, anesthesia, esthetics, and aesthete
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Importance of aesthetics?

Aesthetics is the study of art and beauty. An appreciation provides  artists with a more refined level of creativity. Aesthetics refine  an appreciation of poetry, music, ar (MORE)

How do you spell aesthetics?

That is the correct spelling of the noun "aesthetics" (study or  appreciation of beauty or harmony). The variant esthethics is much  less frequently used.
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What is aesthetic element?

well, aesthetic means appearance-something you can see. Element: an element is one of two things it could be an element of the periodic table such as hydrogen or rubidium. How (MORE)