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Do they have scorpions in Albania?

Yes! Mesobuthus gibbosus (Brullé, 1832) This yellow to yellow-brown scorpion can reach 67-75 mm in length, and is distributed in eastern parts of Europe. It is reported fro (MORE)

Does Albania get snow?

Albania does receive winter snowfall. It receives a high level of precipitation due to its geographical location, and combined with winter temperatures averaging 2 degrees C, (MORE)
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What are the beaches in Albania?

there are a lot of beaches in albania. some of them are: Dhermi, Llaman, Drimadhes, Durres, Vlora, Saranda, Gjenerali, ect!
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What is the population of Albania?

The population of Albania is just over three million people living  in an 11,000 square mile area. This means that there are about 250  people living in every square mile.
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What is Albania near?

Albania is a amazing country. It has a lot of cultures and traditions. Its near to the 'meditrranean ocean. It is near to the Italy and should visit Albania its the (MORE)

Where is Albania?

Albania is located in eastern Europe across the Adriatic Sea from  Italy. It is north of Greece, west of the Former Yugoslav Republic  of Macedonia, and south of Montenegro (MORE)

What are facts about Albania?

Continent: Europe Capital: Tirana Area: 11,100 sq mi. Population: 3,600,523 Government: Emerging Democracy Language: Albanian, Greek, Tosk Money: lek Life expectancy: 77.6 Lit (MORE)

Why go to Albania?

U should visit Albania,cuz is one of the most beautiful countries in europe,have great nature,and the capital is very modern,and have great nightlife
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