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What did Alfred Russel Wallace do?

Alfred Russel Wallace was known as a British explorer, naturalist,geographer, biologist, and anthropologist. He is recognized forproposing a theory of natural selection that i (MORE)
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Who was Alfred Russel Wallace?

Alfer Russel Wallace was the first to formulate a complete theory of species' evolution and publish it - one year before Darwin did his own. In his autobiography, Darwin men (MORE)

How did Alfred Russell Wallace get famous?

During the time of Darwin and Wallace evolution would have gone against everything completely changing and shaking society, thus Darwin did not want to publish his book until (MORE)
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Why do people credit Charles Darwin and not Alfred Russel Wallace?

The reason the focus, or major credit goes to Darwin is, though they both realized the principles of evolution, Wallace's presentation was little more than the realization. Da (MORE)