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What is there to do on Aruba?

Aruba is an island with a pleasant year round climate. So there's an abundance of activities, attractions, and pastimes. There are a multiplicity of shopping centers, specia (MORE)
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What is 'watapana' on Aruba?

Another common name for the divi divi tree [ Caesalpinia coriaria ] is what 'watapana' is on Aruba. It's bent at a 90 degree angle that points southwest. The tree's unique sh (MORE)
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Is Aruba in Jamaica?

No , Aruba isn't in Jamaica. In fact, a distance of 591 miles [951 kilometers; 513 nautical miles] separates Jamaica's capital city at Kingston from Aruba's capital city at (MORE)
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Where is Aruba on a map?

To find Aruba on a map, look in the Caribbean near the northern coast of South America . Aruba is located in the southern Caribbean Sea about 17 miles [27 kilometers; 14.7 (MORE)
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What region is Aruba from?

Aruba is considered to be in the Caribbean region. It's in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea. Because of its longstanding ties with the Netherlands, Aruba is one of t (MORE)
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Does Aruba have towns?

Yes , Aruba has towns. One is Savaneta , the island's oldest town, location of Aruba's oldest surviving home, and former capital. Noord is the town where U.S. Major League (MORE)
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Does Aruba have mountains?

Yes. Exacty one. Its called the Hooiberg, and its fun to try and run up it. otherwise its a very flat island. I think when you fly over it you can see two other hills, that wi (MORE)
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Does Aruba have villages?

Yes , Aruba has villages. One village is Piedra Plat , which is located centrally, has an average temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit, and caters to art and dance lovers. An (MORE)
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Is it humid in Aruba?

No , it is not humid in Aruba. Specifically, Aruba is in the southernmost Caribbean Sea just 17 miles (27 kilometers) off the northern South American coast. It there fore h (MORE)
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How is Aruba governed?

It is as a constituent but autonomous country that Aruba is governed within the European Kingdom of the Netherlands . Specifically, Aruba still is part of the mother coun (MORE)