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Why has Aveeno discontinued the Balancing Bar?

Because Johnson and Johnson bought Aveeno for the name not the products that made them so respected. So they discontinued the venerable Balancing Bar and replaced it with more (MORE)

Is aveeno lotion good for eczema?

Yes it works real well for eczema . I ecezma real bad for about 4 years and I finally found the right product(Aveeno Products) . It clears up eczema real good (:

Is Aveeno better or Shiseido?

This depends on what product you are buying. I would say that they are fairly even in terms of effectiveness. However, Shiseido is a far bigger corporation and is considered t (MORE)
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Where can one get Aveeno coupons?

One can find Aveeno coupons on the official Aveeno website and Facebook page where they often have coupon codes and other discounts. One can also find these coupons on Passion (MORE)