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What is closest airport to Avon CO?

The nearest major airport is Eagle County Regional Airport (EGE / KEGE). This airport has domestic flights from Eagle, Colorado and is about 26 driving miles from the center o (MORE)

How do you change batteries on an Avon pocketwatch?

Its actually really easy. First pull out the arm. Then, You just have to pry off the back cover. I wore gloves and used a knife to separate it from the watch. Once you get tha (MORE)
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How do you get started selling Avon products?

You can apply to sell avon by visiting their website and filling out an application. A sales representative will contact you.
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What are the values of the Avon Barbie dolls?

The value of Avon Barbie dolls will vary depending on the style and  condition of the item. They can range anywhere from $20.00 up to  $250.00.
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How do you sell Avon?

You can sell Avon in any way that works for you. After you're all signed up and ready to start you need to build your customer base. The best way to do that at the start is to (MORE)