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How to make money selling Avon?

Just some tips, not a whole answer. When you start your business, its only $10 bucks to start(not a whole lot, considering you'll earn it back if you make profit). My tip, don (MORE)

How old do you have to be to sell Avon?

You have to be 18 years of age or older to sell Avon. But you can be a helper to an Avon rep. and make $$ and earn free products that way. It's pretty easy to find a rep. who (MORE)
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What do Avon helpers do?

Avon helpers are basically unofficial avon reps. They don't sign a contract, they are not legally responsible for paying avon for the merchandise and have no real tie to avon. (MORE)

How good is Avon jewelry?

"Avon jewelry may not be as pricey and sumptious as other jewelry; vintage pieces are known to sell for $25-$45; but if you are a costume jewel enthusiast, Avon may appeal to (MORE)

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How do you sell Avon?

You can sell Avon in any way that works for you. After you're all signed up and ready to start you need to build your customer base. The best way to do that at the start is to (MORE)

Where is stratford on Avon?

It's in the county of Warwickshire. Approximate co-ordinates are 52o 11' 30" N by 1o 42' 25" W
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Does Anew by Avon work?

The Anew skin care line is terrific! I like the Reversalist & Ultimate products. My daughter say my skin is great. Coming from her that is high praise!
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What is an Avon representative?

Avon representatives are sales women (or men) who make the Avon products available to the public. They are in business for themselves and operate like franchisees of the Avon (MORE)