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What is an axe?

An axe is a tool or implement used to cut or chop different materials or things. It can be used as a weapon, and has a long history of use in this manner, but its use as a too (MORE)

What are axes?

The axe is a common tool found around most homes. Commonly called a felling or cutting axe, the axe is used to chop wood. It has a slim, sharp blade designed to cut crossways (MORE)

Is it ax or axe?

If we are speaking English, it is AXE. If we speaking hybrid American-ese, it can be either, as the mood takes you

What is an axe of symmerty?

There is no such thing. An axis (plural = axes) of symmetry (not symmerty) for any plane figure is a line which divides the figure into two shapes that are mirror images of o (MORE)
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How do you get the axe in minkraft?

you need the workbench to make this. You put a stick in the center bottom slot and the center slot. The next part can be made with woodblocks, cobblestone, iron ingots, dia (MORE)

How is an axe used?

you hold it by the handle and hit things usually trees and outdoor annoying trees and bush and so on. it is a simple machine... the lever.
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What are the uses of the axe?

The use of the axe was first designated for chopping down trees. It wasn't until later that it was used in wars, like the Crusades. But, since wars aren't fought with swords a (MORE)