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Is axe flammable?

Axe Spray uses two key components that are flammable, butane and alchohol. Axe is usually used at campfires to spray logs to get them to burn, another use is spraying the axe (MORE)

What is an ax register?

It is one of 4 registers called general purpose registers Ax has a another name witch is (accumulator) it used in arithmetic and logic operation and store data from I/o port i (MORE)

What is a speckled ax?

The speckled ax was mentioned in The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. In it he writes about his "bold and arduous project of arriving at moral perfection": "This article, t (MORE)

Is it ax or axe?

If we are speaking English, it is AXE. If we speaking hybrid American-ese, it can be either, as the mood takes you

What is an axe?

An axe is a tool or implement used to cut or chop different materials or things. It can be used as a weapon, and has a long history of use in this manner, but its use as a too (MORE)
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What is axe oil?

Axe Oil is a natural remedy for headaches, swelling & itchiness, and even colds.    It is a clear liquid, used externally, and smells of Eucalyptus and Menthol.

Where is Cedric's axe?

Take one step east, exiting his cabin, then go directly south. There should be a rock a few steps away from the beach. Go to the bottom of the rock and use your rake. You shou (MORE)

What is an axe handle?

  The wooden handle that supports an axe head. Most are made from very hard wood so that they do not break easily when the woodsman swings the axe against a log, etc. In f (MORE)

Did the vikings have axes?

The battle ax was one of the more fearsome of the Vikings weapons. It came in single bladed or double bladed and could be wielded with one or two hands. The Romans found ax co (MORE)
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What are the coordinate axes?

The coordinate axes are the x and y axes that intersect each other  at right angles at the point of origin (0, 0) on the Cartesian  plane.
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