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What is a parlor floor apartment?

In older cities like New York or Boston the parlor floor is the floor of a brownstone or townhouse where the parlor was before it was split up into apartments. Usually about 1 (MORE)

Do tickling parlors exist?

When you get a massage at a nail salon, you may ask for tickling. A lot of Vietnamese women seem to be into tickling. Especially Vietnamese women wearing uniforms with big (MORE)
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How do you get a license for massage parlor?

  The term "massage parlor" is generally linked to the word "prostitution". The question then is: does your municipality offer licenses for prostitution? If you mean a leg (MORE)

Who is Ivan parlor?

Ivan parlor is a Russian psychologist who discovered a key point in the the theory of behavior by using a bell to make a dog produce saliva because the dog paired the ringing (MORE)
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What is peppermints in the parlor about?

Peppermints in the Parlor is about an orphan who moves to Sugar  Hill Hall after her parent's unfortunate deaths. When she enters,  instead of glorious memories being shone (MORE)