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Does biore work?

It only depends on the user's face, but for me it really works! You don't see the change right away but after a week or so your pimples will start to fade and go away. Two thu (MORE)

Does biore test on animals?

Kao Brand, home to Ban, Curel, Jorgen's, etc., owns Biore.  Customers that contact to inquire about their cruelty-free testing  policy, report the company product sources mi (MORE)
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Do they sell biore self heating masks anymore?

It doesnt look like it. Its been the best thing ever for my skin and I havent been able to find it in years. I just looked it up on the net and it says its discontinued and be (MORE)
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What kinds of products does Biore sell?

Biore is a brand of cosmetics sold by Kao, who sell a variety of facial cleansing products. Their product line includes moisturisers, cleansers and facial scrubs.
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