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Who cuts the birthday cake?

Usually it is the birthday person, or a close friend / family (if the person cannot or does not wish to cut the cake himself or herself).
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Can Jehovah's Witnesses eat someone else's birthday cake?

First, let me clarify something. We do not have this huge list of "do's and dont's." There are really only a few things that are specifically stated that are "dont's," and the (MORE)

How do you buy birthday cake in sims 3?

you go to buy mode and go to outdoor stuff and the birthday cakes are there.
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What kind of birthday cake should you have?

1st Birthday = Tweenies or Peppa Pig or something from the TV which they enjoy, a Ladybird, a Teddy Bear, Football, or simply nothing because they can't eat cake! 2nd Birthd (MORE)

Where is the cake of your birthday?

my b-day cake is at Buddy's bakery. YES i know what you are  thinking the guy from Cake Boss. No buddy's bakery is in my home  town. There cakes are so moist. i love Cake Bo (MORE)

Castlevania portrait of ruin birthday cake?

If you play the game on the day you've set as your birthday on the DS' own settings, then there will be a Birthday Cake item available at Vincent's store.
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