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What animals are in Bolivia?

The most known  animals that live in Bolivia are the:  Jaguar  Ocelot  Llama  Six-banded  armadillo  Camel  Giant Otter  Chinchilla   If you wish to  find a certa (MORE)

What continent is Bolivia on?

Bolivia is in South America. south America
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Who was Bolivia named after?

--------Bolivia was named for Simon Bolivar: From Wikipedia: Independence was proclaimed in 1809, but sixteen years of struggle followed before the establishment of the repu (MORE)
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Why is Bolivia an LEDC?

Bolivia is a very highly populated county and has a very high birth rate compared to its death rate. Because Bolivia has never really had contraseption the people never use it (MORE)
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What are the boundaries of Bolivia?

Bolivia is bordered to the North and East by Brazil, to the South by Paraguay and Argentina, and to the West by Chile and Peru. Because it is surrounded on all sides by these (MORE)

What does Bolivia export?

  Natural gas and agricultural products. Bolivia exports lots of Mineral, Oil, Fruits, wheat, Coffe, wool, wood, seeds, etc,  and also The biggest will be Lithium Batter (MORE)
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What are the waterways of Bolivia?

Bolivia's main waterways consist exclusively of rivers, lakes and lagoons as the country is landlocked and has no seaport. Lake Titicaca in the western Andes region is the hi (MORE)
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Are there pickpockets in Bolivia?

sometimes, but no more than any other country in the world. If you keep your wits about you, you will be fine. The Bolivian police are very strict about not hassling tourist, (MORE)