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Why was there Genocide in Bosnia - Herzegovina?

"The Serbs wanted to clear the area of all non-Serbs. This is called ethnic cleaning." .The Bosnian war was a religeous and political civil war between 3 Yugoslav factions,The (MORE)

Where is Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a sovereign state located in South-Eastern Europe, Balkan Peninsula.   Bosnia and Herzegovina borders to Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro.   The (MORE)

What is the currency of Bosnia-Herzegovina known as?

The Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark (Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian Latin:konvertibilna marka, Serbian Cyrilic:конвертибилна марка) (sign: KM; code: B (MORE)

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Is Bosnia and Herzegovina rich?

It is a normal country.. as I know a lots of Bosnians.. and I've been there.! people live perfectly.. they don't work a lot but have for good living..! they trilex..don't have (MORE)