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Where is Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is in SE Europe next to Greece, Serbia, Turkey, Romania and Macedonia. It is west of the Black Sea. at the bottom of Europe
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How did Bulgaria get the name Bulgaria?

Bulgaria gets its name from the Bulgar people, who migrated from Central Asia to Eastern Europe in the 7th century. They established Old Great Bulgaria (roughly where Ukraine (MORE)

What can you do in Bulgaria?

In Bulgaria you can climb the mountains, play in the snow in the winter,Sun bathe on the beach in the summer,enjoy the wonderful culture and food, swim in one of the refreshin (MORE)

How was Bulgaria formed?

Han Asparukh, warrior was searching for some new land to rule andeventually settle. It was 681 AD. He started his journey, crossedDaniube and reached to the Black sea. He had (MORE)
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What do they eat in Bulgaria?

staple food is bread (loaf). milk products (cheese), meat and meat products (sausages), bean type pulses, vegetables are common
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Does Bulgaria outsource?

The answer could be yes, but to reply in full, the questioner must write of the 'aspect of outsourcing'.
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Is Bulgaria in Russia?

No. Even though the languages look the same, they are not the same country. Actually, The Russians adapted the Bulgarian language and altered it a bit. Russia is mostly in Asi (MORE)
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Are there sharks in Bulgaria?

The spiny dogfish shark is an ocean species that is also found in the Black Sea, along the coast of Bulgaria.
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