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What compound would be the most useful to treat candidiasis?

Flucytosine ( Ancobon / CYTOLFU ) . But is rarely available. But  now its manufactured in India by Jolly Healthcare under brandname  CYTOFLU . Order online
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How do you treat candidiasis?

Candidiasis (commonly called thrush) - is a yeast infection treatable by anti-fungal medication prescribed by a doctor.
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What are the qualifiers of a candidiasis diet?

You may want to consider a candidiasis diet if you have a yeast  infection, thrush, rash, vomiting, fever, increased urination or  abdominal pain. Signs of vomiting and feve (MORE)

How does the candidiasis diet work and is it successful?

It is basically a body cleans that rids your body of a form of  yeast that causes weight gain, body achs and even gas. This three  step process detoxs, eleminates and repopu (MORE)