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Was Coco Chanel a spy?

Yes, but for who whom seems to be the relevant question. During WW2 she was arrested by the Gestapo as a British spy when a plot to act as an intermediary between the Nazis an (MORE)

What did Coco Chanel believe in?

Coco Chanel believed in many things but most importantly Coco belived in herself and others also. She also believed in success. she also believed that women should have the ri (MORE)

When Coco Chanel died who owned chanel?

Karl Lagerfeld is the Chief Designer for Chanel, it is owned by the Wertheimer Family. Originally Pierre & Paul Wertheimer partnered with Coco Chanel to build the Perfume line (MORE)

Where did Coco Chanel get the name Chanel?

Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel- Chanel, is her birth surname but her nickname, "Coco" is what some say that the name comes from one of the songs she used to sing, and Chanel (MORE)

Who is Coco Chanel?

Coco Chanel was a french fashion designer of the 20th century who designed many fabulous women's clothing such as the little black dress and produced one of the worlds most bo (MORE)

Is Coco Chanel the same as chanel?

Yes, they take their name from Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel perfumer and ( better known ) as a Fahion designer who died in l97l. and was born in 1882
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