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What can you do to be famous?

be popular so loads off people know you. go in clubs dance and ing were can any person that works in something to do with dancing and singing can see you and likes you.
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How do you check your checks?

This question is a bit general, so I am going over the possibilities. If you want to check to see if your own check will clear, you can call the bank's automated line to lo (MORE)

Why or how did she get famous?

Demi Lovato started out on Barney. A couple of years later she was on As The Bell Rings, a little 5 minute show on Disney in between shows. Well, my theory is that when Selena (MORE)
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When will I will I be famous?

I cant answer i cant answer that. That there is a song quite an old song actually. :)
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How get famous?

If you have talent all you need is an agent and be lucky enough to get the opportunity to audition and get the part. Or be an heiress like Paris Hilton.
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How to be famous?

you go on youtube and do a cool video to get a lot of hits.
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Will i get a check?

Depending on the job or career you have it is possible that you will receive a check shortly after starting your job.Employee's get paid salary, Bi-Weekly, and weekly .And wag (MORE)