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What is chemistry?

Chemistry is the branch of science which deals with the properties,composition and the structure of matter. It also deals withchemical reactions, changes in matter, and the pr (MORE)
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What if there is no chemistry?

If there were to be no chemistry, then, in sequence, there would be no physics. Without physics our world would be of ruin, because everything within the confines of our dimen (MORE)
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Where is chemistry?

Chemistry is everywhere around us, as it is the study of all thesubstances which make up the universe and how they interact witheach other.

What chemistry can do to you?

I'm at the University of Glasgow and there you can study Forensic chemistry Medicinal Chemistry (which is the most popular) chemical physics and straight chemistry but within (MORE)

How chemistry do?

The answer to this question can either be extremely complex or immensely simple. Please rephrase this question so that it is more specific and interpretable.
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How do you get a Chemistry?

you either get it at school or collage/university. there is loads of types of chemistry. here is some websites to help you: http:/ (MORE)

How do you get an A in chemistry?

I received an A in Chemistry 101 and 102. Typically, you are graded by lab reports and exams. They are different in nature, so I think we will speak to getting good grades in (MORE)

What is i in the chemistry?

If you are asking about the chemical symbol in the study of Chemistry, than I is Iodine . If you are asking about I in the romantic Chemistry of two people, then I would ass (MORE)

Why are you in Chemistry?

I am majoring in chemistry because the nature of materials fascinates me and I want to use my natural intrigue in this subject to gain knowledge so I can work in the research (MORE)

What is chemistry-?

Chemistry is the branch of science that deals with theidentification of the substances of which matter is composed.