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What types of Clinique sets are available?

"Clinique offers a wide array of skin care and makeup products, as well as numerous fragrances. You can purchase skin care regimen sets based on your skin type, makeup sets, o (MORE)
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Are Clinique sets sold at Macy's?

"Yes Clinique sets are sold at Macys. The Clinique sets at Macys have many different types, and have products for men. They also have skin care products, along with makeup."

What is clinique perfume?

Clinique perfume is a type of perfume sold by the Clinique brand. WalMart is a store that sells many items online. You can purchase perfume from WalMart and they will have it (MORE)
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Where can Clinique makeup be purchased?

Clinique makeup is sold in Lord & Taylor, Nordstrom, and Macy’s. Their makeup can also be purchased online on their web site. Clinique occasionally has offers (MORE)
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Does Clinique foundation contain a sunscreen?

Clinique foundation actually can contain or not contain sunscreen based on your preference. The options that do contain sunscreen contain 15 and up spf.