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How do you get conis on club penguin?

You get coins by playing games. There is at least 1 game in every room.. Or you could just go to, type in your username and password. Then they put in 100,000 (MORE)
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Who is Joesph Conie?

It is Joseph Kony and there is a 30-minute video on YouTube titled "Kony 2012" that explains much better than I or anyone else can
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What does cony mean?

The word cony is actually spelled coney. Coney refers to the fur of a rabbit. It is also used for describing small animals that burrow like mice and rabbits.

Why are conis different?

Coins different sizes are many causes. Because it is divided whichcoins are worth how much. All coins have value outside of thecurrency.

What has the author Carlos Heitor Cony written?

Carlos Heitor Cony has written: 'Chaplin: ensaio-antologia' 'O adiantado da hora' 'Orlando Teruz, painter' -- subject(s): Painters, Catalogs, Biography 'Marina Marina' (MORE)