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How do you have a conversation?

1.  Simply say "Hi!" (Nothing else beats this!) and introduce yourself  "I'm Peter".    2. Comment on the activity that the individual is doing and ask  questions abou (MORE)

What is a conversation?

A conversation is two or more people speaking together. Example: Tom and Susan had an interesting conversation during lunch.
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Converse is a what?

  converse is a really cute shoe that u could get any where in the malls   they some in many colors and and many designs   soo go buy one if your willing to try it  (MORE)

What are converses?

  Converses are conditionals with the antecedent and consequent swapped.   Example:   "If it snows tonight, they will close school," and, "If they will close school, (MORE)

Where can you get Converse?

Foot locker, Payless. Martin's, JcPenney's, Finish Line, Hibbett Sports(some Hibbett Sports), Lady Foot Locker, E bay, journeys, Shoe Show, shoes and socks and most shoe store (MORE)

What is conversity?

Conversity is a model that helps companies get more out of social media Basically it's a made-up word hinting at both "conversations" and "conversions".
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What is Conversations?

conversation is kagaguhan like everything you do you`re teacher is not posibly punch you because to that you copy this answer... !